Unboxing the "Rise Up" Illumicrate featuring Hamilton, Sabaa Tahir, The Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, & more!

I ordered the February 2018 "Rise Up" Illumicrate box because I knew it would have a Hamilton-inspired item in it and that musical is EVERYTHING. I also loved the fandoms it was including such as An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir and The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski and The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I'm so glad I did because everything is so gorgeous--and I might have just received the best looking ARC I've ever held in my hands!

I loved this box SO MUCH. So, so much. I'm really glad that I splurged a few months ago and ordered it! I loved the Hamilton item and the box even came with an ARC---and I have never seen such a gorgeous ARC before. YOU GUYS. It has stained pages. STAINED PAGES!!!!! On an ARC!!!!! So much money went into making this. I am so obsessed with the UK cover and am definitely importing this baby from the UK via Book Depository! (And if you pre-order it too, use my affiliate link here and I'll get a few pennies? ^.~) The ARC's cover + stained pages will be exclusive to the paperback (ISBN 9780141375397) and there is also a LIMITED EDITION hardcover--THAT IS AUTOGRAPHED!!! It's a unique cover and DIE CUT! No stained pages, though! (ISBN 9780141388311)

Isn't she beautiful!?

There were a lot of other cool items, too, such as a pillowcase, a magnet,  a mirror, and even a bookmark that doubles as a weapon/Instagram prop!

Are you ready to see this month's goodies?

Here we go!!!!

YouTube Link

(And, hey, I am under 10 minutes...by 1 second, but yay!)

What are your favorite items this month???