TWO unboxings featuring my FAVORITE book of 2018, TO KILL A KINGDOM!

If you follow me on YouTube, this is old news already, and I apologize.

But if you DON'T, well!!!

My favorite book of 2018 (so far) is TO KILL A KINGDOM by Alexandra Christo. 
I gushed all over it in my recent review.

I was lucky enough to obtain not one, but TWO book boxes featuring the book in March to get all the merch for the book....okay, and for mermaids in general!

I'll tell you guys a secret:

I've never gotten either box before, and I went into it expecting to love Unicorn Crate the best. It was all about the mermaids. People said it was always themed to the book. Enchanted Book Box featured a bunch of different books. I wasn't expecting a theme.

And...Enchanted Book Box had the BEST theme and I loved the box SO MUCH and I was actually disappointed by the Unicorn Crate! I think they themed it well, but the items weren't particularly useful to me, and I really loved how clever EBB was.

But don't take my word for it!

Everyone has different tastes, right?

If you like unboxing videos, check out the ones I posted this week for the March Unicorn Crate and Enchanted Book Box and tell me which is your favorite box of the two!

(And if you love unboxings, I also posted about my March Fairy Loot and Owlcrate last week! Owlcrate was my favorite this time around! Enchanted Book Box was probably second, then Fairy Loot, then Unicorn Crate!)

First, let's take a peek at the Unicorn Crate "Creatures of the Deep" Box:

YouTube Link

Next, let's peer into the Enchanted Book Box "Savage Sea" Box:
(Which also has a segment testing out the book sleeve!)

YouTube Link

I adored the book, of course, and loved seeing the finished copy in person. Those endpapers, that tattoo beneath the jacket! *flails*

I also really loved the book sleeve and all the little mermaid bits and bobbles!

What are your favorite items this month???