Fairy Loot Vs. Owlcrate: Which is Better??? (Comparing February 2018 Boxes!)

Today, I have a special treat for you!

I'm really excited, bookworms!!! This week, I got TWO book boxes in the mail. TWO!!!!

Readers are always asking, "Which box should I get? Fairy Loot or Owlcrate?" 
Both boxes are strong and full of high-quality, useful items.
If you're in the USA, Fairy Loot is more expensive because of international shipping. If you're in the UK, Owlcrate is more expensive for the same reason. If you're in any other country, both boxes can be pricey!

So...how do you know which box to choose?

I thought this was a great month to compare the two boxes because they both feature the same book. You can see how the boxes theme/don't theme to the book and the types of items they include.

(And so....I apologize now. This is a LONG video. If I'd uploaded the unboxings separately, they'd be under 10 minutes each, but because I unboxed them together and did a compare/contrast video, we're close to 25 minutes! I'M SORRY!!!)

Granted, I knew in advance that both boxes would feature the same book. It made me pause for a minute because I don't need two copies, but Mandy said she'd buy one from me, so I decided to go ahead with it! ♥

I'm really glad I did, because the March box sounds AMAZING for both boxes and they both have a Waiting List, so I know I wouldn't get back on in time if I stopped either subscription. 

PLUS, both boxes had a lot of really cool things this month!

Are you ready to see this month's goodies?

Here we go!!!!

YouTube Link

My verdict?

This month, I loved the Fairy Loot box the best. You guys KNOW how obsessed I am with fairy tales. (And if you want to see how Owlcrate handles a fairy tale theme, check out my January Unboxing here!) 

I think my favorite Fairy Loot item was the mug, and my favorite Owlcrate item was the pouch. 

What are your favorite items this month???