Bonnie and Mandy Choose...the Best Entertainment of 2017!

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Our Top Everything, of 2017!

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Bonnie and Mandy choose...
The Best of 2017

What's the start of a new year without a look back at the previous one?

Mandy and I put together our favorites in 26 select categories to share with you!

What are YOUR favorites of 2017??


B: I don't go to the theater frequently. This year, I only saw La La Land, Beauty and the Beast, CocoThor: Ragnorak, and The Greatest Showman at the theater. I think. I may be forgetting one? Mostly, I rent movies when they're on DVD or rent them when they're on Netflix or On Demand.

That said....I'm really glad that Netflix put the live filming of Newsies on for us to watch! (Does that count as a movie?) I also really loved Moana and bought the DVD the day it came out. I've watched it quite a few times this past year! There are still a few movies I haven't seen yet (like Wonder Woman  and Hidden Figures--- Though we HAVE them!!!! Guys, I only just watched the new Spider-Man movie on Christmas........ *hides* I just would rather read a book, you know?). I think 2018 will be a bigger year for movies because there's actually a lot I want to see at the theater!

M: I do not get to see a lot of movies in the theater, because I am a delicate creature and I don't like going by myself but scheduling movie times with friends can be hard. But I did PROUDLY go to the theater by myself to see Wonder Woman and it was AMAZING. I was also really surprised with how much I loved Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Thor: Ragnorak


 B: ...I'm behind on TV, too! *hides some more* I REALLY don't watch a lot of stuff.... I'm caught up on Once Upon a Time and Marvel's The Inhumans because I watch with my dad when I visit him after work on Sunday night. While OUAT is on hiatus, we've started watching Marvel's The Gifted. We're two episodes in, but it's interesting so far. (Though it means we're going to be behind on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. now, but we can only choose one. It will give us something to do in the summer, right!?) I have a lot in-progress on Netflix that I need to go back to. I'm not sure I've even had Netflix on since, like, September, so can I say actively watching? But I AM excited because I just found out that Amazon is exclusively selling the DVD (and soundtrack!!) for the whole series of Galavant, which I really enjoyed. I just received it in the mail and am so happy to own it! I also finally bit the bullet last month and bought a VUDU copy of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland because it never came to DVD...
M: I kind of thinned out my tv series a little bit. There are a lot of shows I may pop in and out of and use as background noise, but in terms of things I schedule and watch ASAP and obsess over, 2017 was compiled of The Walking Dead, This Is Us, and Good Behavior. The latter is probably a lesser known show so I won't talk much about the first two . . . BUT. Good Behavior has Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto as an alcoholic/thief and a hit man for hire whose lives collide. It's gritty and the dialogue destroys me in the best of ways.


B: Now music!!! I listen to a LOT of music. Mostly musicals. ^^;;;
I've been listening a lot to Dear Evan Hansen and The Great Comet... the most from this year's crop, but I've also listened to The Hunchback of Notre Dame more than is perhaps healthy this year. I've also snagged new albums from artists such as Pink and Kelly Clarkson and The Killers and Kesha that I've been listening to a lot for the last few months.

M:I didn't buy a whole lot of music this year. I snagged the new Walk the Moon, Bastille, Imagine Dragons and Paramore albums. My favorite artist, Dia Frampton, came out with a new album too entitled Bruises and if you're not familiar with her work you should check her out because she is amazing.


B: I was really lucky to see 3 out of the 4 Tony Nominated Musicals this year, as well as two other shows from last season and one show already from the new season. I also got to see, I think 3?, local shows. So narrowing it down to a favorite??? Umm, for the local shows, I loved finally seeing The Hunchback of Notre Dame. From the new Broadway season, I already adore Once on This Island. For this past season.....ACK. While Dear Evan Hansen was the winner, Come From Away was an unexpected dark horse and I wasn't sure who would win the Tony for a while. But I really loved the spectacle of The Great Comet... and am so sad it closed. And nostalgia has me really loving Anastasia.... #cantchoose #atleastIsortofnarroweditdown

M: I only got to see one show in 2017 but Anastasia was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be and more. I am so in love with the songs and the set design.

What was some of your favorite media in 2017!?