BWW Review: Broadway-inspired ROOMIES by Best-Selling Author Duo Christina Lauren now available!

Hey guys!

You know how much I adore Broadway, right?

Well, when a novel about theatre comes out, I always have to read it!

Earlier this year, I began blogging for BroadwayWorld, and I had the chance to work with New York Times Best Selling Women's Lit Author-Duo Christina Lauren on their brand-new novel ROOMIES, set in New York City amongst a show called It Possessed Him (Think about how hot and beloved Hamilton is; It Possessed Him is basically the Hamilton of the ROOMIES world!).

Earlier this month, I featured an absolutely fantastic guest post with Christina Lauren featuring what It Possessed Him is about. You never really know much about the show in the novel, but there is an entire story for the show. And you guys??? It sounds AMAZING. I want this show to be real. I want there to be a historical fiction novel I can pick up right now and read *Christina Lauren, please write it!?). I'm super bummed it doesn't exist! All because of this guest post. SO YOU SHOULD GO READ THIS GUEST POST!

Whet your interest yet?

Today, I'm reviewing ROOMIES over at BroadwayWorld! Come check it out!

If you love Broadway or slow-burn romances or books centered around New York City, you're going to love the latest novel from this writing duo!