Unboxing Funko Disney Treasures, June 2017 Box!

I don't collect a lot of Funko Pops, but I DO collect Disney. My rule is I can have the hero, the heroine, and the villain from the movies...or else I'd have so many Pops.

Buuuuuuut I decided to make an exception to my rule when I heard about the Funko Disney Treasures Subscription Box!!!

You get at least one exclusive Pop in the box, and there are rumors there will be characters such as Aladdin that were never made publicly available.

So I bit the bullet! 

Every month has a theme. And honestly??? I would have been so bummed if I HADN'T bought this box and it was too late because I am so obsessed with the cuteness inside that is now mine!!!

This is the sophomore box, and its theme is "Festival of Friends."

Here's everything that came in the box:

YouTube Link

You have until August 1st to order the new box, and I'm hoping I won't get spoiled on the big unveil again like I did for this month's lead Pop. I like that I can see the silhouette on the included map and guess, though! I like the game of it all!