Unboxing My First-Ever Novelly Yours Candle Order! (Candles for Book Lovers and Writers, Whoo-hoo!!!)

Today's post is exciting because I have something BRAND-NEW to share with you!

Well, brand-new to me, anyway!

I've been eyeing up Novelly Yours Candles for a while now. They constantly pop up on social media in pictures, especially from Bookstagrammers.

I have SO MANY candles, though, and I never light what I have. I just open them (one at a time, of course) and let the smell permeate the room. I'm always afraid of burning things down because there is so much paper around, for one (yay, book hoarders!). For another, while I'm not allergic to scents, others in the house are and it's not fair for me to make that worse!

Buuuuuut when I found out that some of the Novelly Yours Candles were for WRITERS with fun names such as "Cliffhanger" and "World-Building," well, I just HAD to have them!!! Luckily, there was a coupon out for first time users, so not only did I pick up the Reader's Adventure set, but I also snagged a few other intriguing scents!

Take a peek at everything I scooped up:

My favorite scents were definitely Romantic Trope and Brave. Romantic Trope is scented with "strawberries and champagne," and, well, my favorite food EVER is a strawberry, so it's safe to say that I ADORE that scent!!! Brave is a mix of "pumpkin spices, apple pie, and cinnamon," and this combo always reminds me of fall. The fall scents are some of my all-time favorite scents. I love walking into a store in the fall--especially the craft store--and smelling the spicy scent of the season!!!

These candles were an intriguing mix of smells. I don't tend to buy candles with "pine" or "storm" type scents because they can be overwhelming, but they mixed well in these varieties and never felt overpowering!

While the tins for all of the candles were cute--and the packaging was great, too, because each candle came with a matching bookmark that talked about the ingredients and type of scent, etc--I really loved the mason jar style the best and am glad I splurged on one for Brave. I love that the back had a quote and said what book the scent came from:

I'm not sure if Villainous was inspired by a book or not (The website pictures it with HOW TO HANG A WITCH), but if it did, I was disappointed that it didn't state the book inspiration on the candle at all. I'm the girl who will buy nail polish because it's from a collection, then be sad when the collection is only featured on the bottle itself once in a while, such as when China Glaze featured The Giver and stamped the title on the lid. So I LIKE seeing where things come from. If the jars are the only items from the shoppe that do this, then I guess I'll just have to get jars going forward! Hopefully other tins state this, however. I did largely get non-book specific candles, so I can't really compare them yet!!

The only other disappointment I had was that my Villainous batch didn't have the black swirl that the candle said it had and was instead a pure green!!! I'm hoping it will have a dark streak once it has burned a while, but I loved the design of the candle and was so bummed not to get one like what was pictured!

Everything was packaged REALLY well and safely. With the exception of the jar, which had a crack around the wick that I hope smooths out when it starts to burn (I'm going to have to research how to fix it, etc, unless someone knows and can comment!! Since I'm not super knowledgable about candles...!), everything looked smooth and ready to be lit! The candles arrived in pristine condition, and the addition of matching bookmarks in my box was unexpected and fun.

I definitely want to order from Novelly Yours again in the future and would recommend them to everyone who loves candles--or any merchandise with a bookish twist!!!!

What are your favorite Novelly Yours scents? 
Let me know so that I can figure out what to order next time! ^.~