Ten of My Favorite Book Covers!!!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.
Every once in a while I participate in this one when I either
1) Like the theme, and/or 2) Have the time!

This week's topic:
Ten of My Favorite Book Covers!

BONNIE: This week's topic was to choose something VISUAL. Your top ten graphic novels, picture books, etc. I decided to go with a subject very near and dear to my heart and talk about...BOOK COVERS!!!

These are covers that still stick with me and that I love even now!!!

I could seriously talk about this topic FOREVER. Narrowing it down to 10 was hard. So I basically did the first ten to come to my head!

In no particular order...

1) WITHER by Lauren DeStefano

Every time I think about this book, I STILL get shivers.

You guys, EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. has been touched!!!!


I love the way the table of contents and numbered pages and chapter headings and ALL THE THINGS have a design to them. This is one of my all-time favorite book covers!!!

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2) SHATTERED SOULS by Mary Lindsey

Sooo pretty! I love the way her dress is made up of flower petals. They're as shattered as the title, and it's absolutely striking to me!



3) PAST PERFECT by Leila Sales

This cover is just REALLY CUTE. I love the use of a blackboard and chalk rain. I love the color and lighting of the model and her awesome green raincoat. I love the way the pink title font compliments the green so well. It's like watermelon and summer storms AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH.



4) ONE by Sarah Crossan

I really love the artistry of this cover. I love the way the two girls are made from paper, and then--be still my heart--the intricate detailing of their dresses!? This is a frame-worthy cover!!!

I also love the red heart within the design, and then the way the title reverts back to white again. I also love the blue background and just...all the colors work so well together!!!


5) BEAUTY QUEENS by Libba Bray

The lighting of this cover is spectacular. All the colors pop and everything is clean and vivid. 

I love the way the cover is sort of one of those Magic Eye designs. It's a beauty queen, right? Except...is that a sash made of lipstick masquerading as bullets???? Tells you that there's more than meets the eye!!!

I just love staring at this cover! 

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6) THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern

The hardcover is my favorite edition of this book because the paperback mashed the US and UK hardcovers together. This version?? This version has THREE gorgeous textures! I even had to make a video to show you how fabulous this book is, both inside and out!

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7) The Hourglass Trilogy by Myra McEntire

These covers made me sit up and pay attention to this series! I love each and every one, and have trouble telling you which is my favorite. They're all so crazy and unique, and I LOVE that this is from an experimental series of photographs. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE MODEL IS ALSO THE PHOTOGRAPHER!? Her work is so surreal!!! Just...so much love for the covers of this series!!!


8) IMAGINARY GIRLS by Nova Ren Suma

I really like the photograph esthetics of this cover. I also LOVE the use of color. The water is a mix of blues that gives it a dangerous, murky tone. The brown of her hair is such a shade that the red tones pop next to the red ribbon and the red title. Plus, all that red!!!! It pops on its own! Plus that innocent white dress? This is such a striking cover, imo!!! I could stare at it for hours.


9) The Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray

I am so obsessed with the way these covers look, both onscreen and in person. The watercolor technique is exception, and I love the way various cities are juxtaposed on top of one another. These are beyond gorgeous, and they captivate me. I seriously get into a staring contest with these books!


10) PAPER VALENTINE by Brenna Yovanoff

I love the way this cover is creepy, but also so artsy. I love all the detailed paperwork on the outfit, and the way part of the dress is a morbidly oversized heart. I love the black and white and red theme, and the way the background is stormy. This is a cover that lets you see something new every time you look at it!


What have been some of your favorite book covers???