From Wizard of Oz to Alice in Wonderland...the music videos of the talented Todrick Hall!

Love fairy tales and mythology?
Fans of mermaids, dragons, unicorns, and other mythical creatures?
Enjoy when a beloved classic tale is retold?
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I first came across Todrick Hall because he's made so many viral Disney-themed music videos online such as Cinderonce, Cinderfella, Disney Dudez, and Beauty and the Beat, as well as musical spoofs such as Chicago's Spell Block Tango. There are so many awesome music videos on his YouTube Channel, especially if you like spoofs and/or Disney. I believe he was on American Idol at some point, too.

This summer, he's on tour telling his life story in Straight Outta Oz, and you can see the entire string of music videos in his feature film here on YouTube.

I was impressed from the very beginning. The opening number, "No Place Like Home," is especially strong, and pulls you right in. It's very Wizard of Oz and has creepy undercurrents. Elements of the song also remind me of something Melanie Martinez might do (In particular, "Carousel").
I'm posting the video from that song below!

There are a lot of different songs and themes present over the course of the film, including a song called "Water Guns" that he did with Jordin Sparks that has been getting attention this month thanks to all the horrible waste of life that has been going on in the USA.

A lot of his Oz videos have incredible guest stars, from Penatonix to to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

There's definitely a song for everyone, and Todrick Hall is a huge talent that doesn't get a lot of attention, so check him out!

And....this isn't part of Straight Outta Oz, but Todrick Hall also did an incredible Alice in Wonderland retelling with the amazing character dancer Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms (or you might know her as the "little girl" from a couple of Sia's music videos!).

Definitely check out Todrick Hall's YouTube Channel when you have some spare time, because you'll be sucked into video after video, especially if you like parodies or retellings with incredible sets and fun songs!