New Sequel Series to The Lion King Begins TOMORROW!!!

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Imagine everyone's surprise when Disney revealed a brand new twist to The Lion King titled The Lion Guard. There was a sequel in 1998, a prequel/mid-quel in 2004, and a Timon and Pumbaa TV series in 1995. Then...nothing.

It has been over a decade since we last visited the Pride Lands.This past November, Disney ordered a straight-to-Disney-Channel movie entitled The Lion Guard: Return of the Guard. (If you missed it, you can find it On Demand for Free and if you don't get the Disney Channel, it will be on DVD on February 23rd). This Friday, January 15th (aka TOMORROW), a new TV series begins on Disney Channel entitled The Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard follows Simba's son Kion, the younger brother of Kiara, who we met in Return of the Pride in 1998--almost twenty years ago.

There used to be a Lion Guard that protected the Pride Lands from evil; Scar had even been a member before he became twisted and evil. In fact, the power from having The Roar went to his head and the entire Lion Guard was destroyed. When Simba's son Kon discovers his Roar protecting a friend, Simba asks him to put together a new Lion Guard and bring protection back to the Pride Lands.

The TV Movie is cute but doesn't quite have the magic of the originals. But it was really an hour-long premiere to the series, so it will (hopefully) get better. Plus, there are songs, which is something I've always loved about the Disney Movie TV Series! I also love that a younger generation now has the chance to fall in love with a beloved Disney favorite!