Have You Watched Beauty And The Beat by Todrick Hall? Version 2 Just Released on YouTube!

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I first came across Todrick Hall because he's made so many viral Disney-themed music videos online such as Cinderonce, Cinderfella, Disney Dudez, as well as musical spoofs such as Chicago's Spell Block Tango. There are so many awesome music videos on his YouTube Channel, especially if you like spoofs and/or Disney. I believe he was on American Idol at some point, too. This summer, he has a behind-the-scenes music video series entitled Todrick premiering on MTV on Monday, August 31st at 10 pm.

Two years ago, Hall produced this really hilarious Beauty and the Beast parody, Beauty and the Beat:

This  month, Hall released a new parody of the song, Beauty and the Beat: Boots:

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairy tales. I always love seeing anything related to it! I also think Hall's videos are always so fun and creative.

Both Beauty and the Beast parodies take stereotypes and turn them upside down in a way that's funny to watch. I still prefer the first video, perhaps because it was "first" and I've known it longer.

But I also think it has a whimsy and humor that isn't replicated as well in the newer one. Plus, that Belle feels a little more genuine and less like she's only half in the world she's embracing. For example, take her interaction with the "Gaston" character in both videos. In the first, she enjoys  his company and everyone is envious. In the second, she's completely disinterested (As she was in the original tale, though!) and the googly-eyed trio doesn't really comment on their interaction. There aren't as many laughing-from-surprise moments such as the interaction with the baby from the first video.

But both videos are still amusing and showcase Hall's talent for producing high-quality, captivating parodies! It's also fun to watch all of the behind-the-scenes videos on how they're put together, so I think his TV show Todrick will do well and bring him many new followers!