{Alternative Free Fridays} ELEMENTAL RUSH and ELEMENTAL RELEASE by Elana Johnson

Not interested in the weekly Free Fridays title offered by Barnes and Noble?
I'm usually not, either!

I thought about it and realized just how many free e-books I've found and downloaded onto my nook. I decided to start sharing some freebies with you!

No matter your e-reader, no matter if you get the official weekly book or not,  I hope you enjoy my alternatives!

Today, you get TWO books for free. Yes, TWO!

You get books one and three in Elana Johnson's Elemental series:

Author: Elana Johnson

Available FOR FREE from:

Author: Elana Johnson
Available FOR FREE from:


I've been a fan of Elana's since encountering her Posession trilogy a few years ago, when everyone was still looking for good dystopian fiction.  I've been a fan ever since, and when I heard that there was elemental magic... and THEN that there was a girl disguising herself as a guy... well, I was sold 1,000%!

You can buy part two, ELEMENTAL HUNGER, from Amazon for $2.99, or get the book in a collection of novels called Girls on Fire for 99¢ from B&N and Kobo. (I think this is due to the KDP program. Oh well, more books for your $$$!)

Here's a brief summary of ELEMENTAL RUSH, where it all begins:


Eighteen-year-old Adam Gillman has trained for twelve years to earn a coveted spot on the Supreme Elemental’s elite sentry squad. His brother, Felix, is the commander, but Adam is still thrilled when his official assignment to serve Alexander Pederson comes.

He moves into nicer quarters and can stop getting up at four a.m. to complete his mandated workout time. He still rises early though, because he needs the solitude to practice his airmaking Element—something that Adam has kept secret from everyone, even Felix, because he can’t be both an Airmaker and a sentry.

When Alex assigns him to kill a group of rogue Elementals, he balks at completing his mission for the first time. See, his only friend is Isaiah Hawking, and he’s the Earthmover on the accused Council. When faced with the prospect of killing him, Adam finds he can’t do it.

He’s well trained in assassination, but he thought he’d be murdering bad guys—not innocents.

When Alex buries the Elemental Academy—and kills over one thousand Elementals—in a fit of rage, Adam’s loyalty cracks. When he discovers that Alex is really a woman, and his brother’s lover, he defects. He hops from city to city, from Elemental school to Elemental school, always escaping only minutes before Felix can embed a knife in his heart or a tsunami can make a classroom his watery grave.

He tries to fight back, but he’s just one untrained Airmaster with exceptional tracking skills. He does his best to warn those in danger, but as the last Elemental school goes up in flames, he knows he needs to get some real firepower on his side.

ELEMENTAL RUSH is a prequel novella to the full-length futuristic fantasy novel, ELEMENTAL HUNGER.