Merry Monday & the 12 Days of Giving: Holiday Music!

Merry Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by Lillian @ Mom With a Reading Problem during the month of December to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. Each week a different topic centered around the holidays will be discussed.
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Hey bookworms!  I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone today, so to speak. I love the concept of Merry Mondays, and I was going to make a music post this month anyway, so I'm combining the two!

Today's Merry Monday post is...

Favorite Holiday Song!

This topic is harder than you might think. So I'm doing a Top 3:

1) The first holiday song I remember truly loving is "Last Christmas" (In particular, the version by Darren Hayes, because I used to be OBSESSED with Savage Garden). I can't even tell you why. It's depressing and not festive at all... but I still love it! I guess because it feels so genuine... and at times, it did have a sense of hopefulness about the future.

2) I am kind of obsessed with "The Christmas Shoes" by Newsong. It's another sad, depressing song, I know. I usually get yelled at if I turn it on because it's *too* sad.  I guess I just like to cry during the holidays?  ^.~ No, I'm joking. But I do love the giving spirit in this one that dives into the heart of what the holidays are SUPPOSED to be about. It just... touches me deeply on so many levels. 

3) Okay, a fun one! I am kind of obsessed with Broadway musicals. Every year, Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids comes out with a new Carols For A Cure CD from current Broadway casts. Volume 5 (2004) features Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King singing "Holiday Lament (The Fruitcake Song)" and it is so, so funny! It will make you think twice about a fruitcake's feelings!

(The following video is a different version of the song, though!)

And now, for today's 
12 Days of Giving idea...

Holiday Music!

I love holiday music. Even now, when so much music is purchased digitally, many people still own actual Christmas CDs because they can be popped in at holiday gatherings, and make great background noise when you're decorating the house. They also make gray physical gifts!

I keep my collection in a festive case:

I have all my holiday music from when I was younger, as well as new favorites, such as Idina Menzel's brand-new holiday album (You may know her as Elphaba from Wicked, Maureen from Rent, or, at the very least,  the voice behind Elsa getting "Let It Go" permanently stuck in your head). This one keeps going on sale, so check the Sunday paper! I got my copy at Best Buy for about $8. If anyone likes Broadway or Disney's
Frozen,,, this will make a great gift!

I'm also a huge fan of an album that came out last year, "Wrapped in Red" by Kelly Clarkson, which includes some original music! It's very peppy and upbeat,  great for a party or when you want something lively. Plus, I just love Kelly Clarkson ^_^

Other holiday MUSTS that no one should be without include music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I personally recommend the trilogy pelage, even though it's a little more expensive then the regular CDs, because it comes with aDVD that I lie to pop in for background noise!

And if you DO want to stay digital, there's always Ariana Grande's brand-new holiday tune,  "Santa Tell Me!"

What are your holiday music musts? 


  1. Love this Christmas idea! Music is always a hit at my house especially with my little one. :)


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