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On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...


I've been really looking forward to today's post! I recently discovered Softlips Cube 5-in-1 lip balm, and it's giving my beloved EOS a run for its money!

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Let me start by saying...


For example...

I adore lip balm. I have so many different types laying around the house (in various purses, drawers, the living room, left at work, etc.). Here are a few I rounded up really fast.

From this collection, I use the Revlon Lip Butter and the Burt's Bees Rejuvenating the most frequently.

Some of these add a touch of color in addition to being moisturizing. Some of these are great for shoving in your pocket if you're running outside and don't want to grab a purse, etc. Shove the money and the gloss and GO!

I have also been known to buy chapstick because IT'S PRETTY:

I haven't even opened the one, and I got it about a month ago. ^^;;; Lipsmackers used to be my favorite thing EVER. They no longer are, but I can't resist the pretty!

(I also recently bought a new Chapstick brand tube recently for the first time in ages because it was "Pumpkin Pie" flavored [see previous picture]). These things are marketed at people like me!

I adore EOS. Adooooooooooooore. Up until now, it's been one of my all-time favorite brands of lip balm. I have them everywhere (Again, these are the ones I grabbed really fast. I have a TON because my dad was with me when I bought one once and gave me a bunch for Christmas as a stocking stuffer last year. And yet I will still buy new flavors, ack!). I even have the hand lotion!!

I know some people don't like it and say it's not good for you. To me, I like the way the brand eventually goes waxy because it lets me know it's time to re-apply! Otherwise, I forget and then my lips are chapped like WHOA and I'm kicking myself for having to forgotten to re-apply.

EOS is also getting MUCH better about their formula. They now have varieties with more moisturizer. The EOS in the swirly container (The blue and white packaging of the "Vanilla Mint" in the back row, which also comes in a pink-and-white "Coconut Milk").

The new holiday collection with collaborator Rachel Roy also has some extra moisturizer in the formula These are the containers with wings on either side of the word EOS like the three in the front row.

It launched in four varieties this holiday season, and I've seen these everywhere from the drugstore to Kohl's to Hallmark!.

Knock-Off Brands

I like EOS so much that I've even attempted to buy knock-off brands, hoping they'd be as good. When I saw REVO at Walgreens last winter, I grabbed one for me and one for my sister. It's a lot more waxy, and definitely not my favorite balm to use! It smells nice, though, and it's purple. (EOS, make purple containers!) The container also doesn't have as nice a feel or grip as the EOS, but you get what you pay for, and this was half the price of EOS!

Softlips Cube

This is the part of the post you've been waiting for!

All of that stuff mentioned above? It's just to demonstrated that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to moisturizing lip balm. I've been around the block and tried all kinds of things!

When I saw a coupon for something called Softlips Cube in my Sunday Paper, I was like, What is this? Let me find out! So far, it's available in  three varieties:

I'm not a fan of mint, so I won't be buying "Fresh Mint," but it and the "Pomegranate Blueberry" are easy to find. I've seen them all over the place in the Cough and Cold aisle at drugstores, Target, and even the food store! "Vanilla Bean," however, has been REALLY hard to find. I was lucky enough to find the last two of them on a display at Ulta and bought both! (One for me, and one for a gift)

Here's what's in the formula:

EOS Vs. Softlips Cube

So, how does Softlips Cube stack up?

I pitted EOS against Softlips Cube (And threw in the Walgrees REVO for good measure!).

REVO is my least favorite of the three. It's very waxy feeling, the shape of the balm is flatter and a little more awkward, and the container is rougher and not as nice to hold.

The EOS has the best container. It clicks into place and feels secure; it's easy to throw into my purse without worrying about it popping open. I also like the smooth feel of the grip. Some of the EOS varieties are less moisturizing than others. I'm using the "Vanilla Mint" variety with extra moisturizer as a comparison. I really like how well the balm applies and moisturizes. So far, it has been my favorite of the EOS varieties, and I hope they stick with this new formula!

The Softlips has the same great formula, and maybe even more so! The container isn't as great, however. It doesn't click together as securely and I'm afraid to put it in my purse or leave it in a drawer at work because I think it will pop open. It's also a little easier to hit the balm with the edge of the top when sealing the product back together or get your fingers on it. The balm is a little smaller than the EOS, so you get less product for the same price. At the same time, it has better ingredients than most of the EOS and is a little better for your lips. It also comes in awesome flavors like "Pomegranate Blueberry" and "Vanilla Bean," which don't exist in the EOS world!

EOS comes in two styles of packaging, depending on where you buy it. Softlips Cube comes in a hanging package. So far, I've only found it hanging in the Cough and Cold Aisle at various stores with the exception of at Ulta. (And I'm not convinced the balm was on the display it belonged on, since they were both upside down and the display was  half-empty...and nothing else on the display was Softlips. But who knows?)

The EOS packaging looks sleeker and more "adult" than the child-like eggs of EOS, but I like the structure of the EOS container better.

So who wins?

For me, it's a draw! After trying out the "Pomegranate Blueberry," I was determined to get my hands on the "Vanilla Bean" because I really liked this new brand of lip balm. I liked it so much that I made this post to share my love with you guys! But will I be giving up my EOS? No, never!


  1. I love the EOS egg. It's basically my favorite lip balm I've ever used and it works. However, I happen to be allergic to it - makes my lips really itchy and makes little bumps appear. It sucks. These days I use aquaphor, which is also amazing but it doesn't look fun like the EOS eggs do. I still get excited when I see EOS eggs...


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