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On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Graffiti on a Book!?

I fell in love with Puffin Threads a couple of years ago when I saw that some of the classics had been given new covers from Penguin with honest-to-goodness embroidery. It was so amazing.

Imagine my surprise and amazement when I saw this beautiful display at my local B&N:

Is that CHALK, you ask?

Yes. Yes it is.

Let's look a little closer:

Artist Dana Tanamachi compiled an amazing post that includes video footage cataloging her creating of the covers for THE WIZARD OF OZ, PETER PAN, and PIPPI LONGSTOCKING.

The remaining three designs, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, BLACK BEAUTY, and ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, were created by Mary Kate McDevitt, though I didn't see a how-to video from her online.

It's interesting how you can tell which designer made which covers just by looking. Tanamachi's all have a starburst style and a border, and all of McDevitt's have a images stemmingn from a spherical center.

They're super cool to look at, and I want every single one. But...I also don't need more than one version of each classic, and I already own most of these! (two of them from Penguin Threads, even!)

But, oh, the WANT!!!

Penguin has really tapped into something here. Create interesting, unique artistic covers, and people will want to buy your books...again and again and again...


  1. Oh, I've been dying to start my collection of pretty books, esp classics, and I love designs like this. Happy to hear its at B&N, need to get me some.


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