{Waiting on Wednesday} THE RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard

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THE RED QUEEN releases on February 10th, 2015.
It is Victoria Aveyard's debut novel!

Author: Victoria Aveyard 
Release Date: Feb. 10, 2015
Publisher: HarperTeen


Okay, that cover is CREEPY. But...I can't help staring at it.

When I first saw the cover, I thought it was going to be about Wonderland's Red Queen, so I immediately wanted to know more.

It's not.

It is, however, full of royalty. And it's fantasy, and you know how my heart beats faster when a good fantasy idea makes itself known.

And this summary...just, just....look!

I can't wait to read this one next year!


Mare Barrow's world is divided by blood--those with red and those with silver. Mare and her family are lowly Reds, destined to serve the Silver elite whose supernatural abilities make them nearly gods. Mare steals what she can to help her family survive, but when her best friend is conscripted into the army she gambles everything to win his freedom. A twist of fate leads her to the royal palace itself, where, in front of the king and all his nobles, she discovers a power of her own--an ability she didn't know she had. Except . . . her blood is Red.

To hide this impossibility, the king forces her into the role of a lost Silver princess and betroths her to one of his own sons. As Mare is drawn further into the Silver world, she risks her new position to aid the Scarlet Guard--the leaders of a Red rebellion. Her actions put into motion a deadly and violent dance, pitting prince against prince--and Mare against her own heart.

From debut author Victoria Aveyard comes a lush, vivid fantasy series where loyalty and desire can tear you apart and the only certainty is betrayal.

What are you anxiously waiting for this Wednesday?


  1. I love a good fantasy and you're right the cover does look creepy. Great choice!

    Arlene @ WinterHavenMy WoW

  2. THIS. I am so excited to get my hands on this one. YA fantasy is my favorite.

  3. I'm looking forward to this one as well! I love the cover and I won't pass up an opportunity to read a good fantasy.

  4. I thought the same thing to about it being an wonderland retelling, but you are right the cover is creepy those for some reason are the ones that attract me.

  5. I'm excited to read this one as well! The blurb sounds fantastic. I'm only hoping that we don't get a silly love triangle because that would suck.
    Lovely pick! :)

    Nick - My WoW

  6. This definitely sounds and looks like an awesome read. The cover is just absolutely breathtaking - beautiful yet kind of creepy/scary.
    Thanks for sharing this one! :)

  7. I'm dying to read this one ever since I have seen this cover. I mean look at it. Then there s that blurb. I really hope that this will be awesome. Great pick :)

    Tanja @ Ja Ĩitam, a ti?

  8. I'm so excited for this too!! It looks creepy and awesome :)

    My WoW

    Rachel @A Perfection Called Books

  9. Aha! That's what I thought, too. ;) But still, sounds amazing and ugh, the cover, so gorgeous. :)

    Here's mine

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  10. I have this one on my to-read as well and I'm really curious about it. I had assumed it was a Wonderland Red Queen retelling as well, but I wonder what it's going to be like!

  11. I'm really curious about this one. This one sounds terrific. I hope you enjoy all your new books.

    Books of Love

  12. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and HAD to add it to my list. Great pick!

    Our WoW!

  13. Oh, I guess I just assumed this one was about the Queen from Wonderland too! I guess I hadn't really read the blurb before now, heh. Well, nevermind because this still looks and sounds so awesome! And yeah, I get the same way when I set my eyes upon what is sure to be a good fantasy read!

  14. Another I'm seeing everywhere, gosh this sounds good :D

    My WoW

  15. Yessss! Awesome pick, such an great cover. I was actually thinking of making my WoW this week, but decided to save it for later, haha. But yes, it sounds amazing, and yay for fantasy!
    Thanks for sharing & stopping Bookmunchies (:

  16. Oh yes, this one is definitely on my radar. That cover is kinda icky what with all the blood dripping, but I have to admit it's striking! Red Queen sounds like it has the makings of a wonderful traditional fantasy read, so hopefully the author can pull it off. *crosses fingers*

    My WoW

  17. Oh my God yes, I cannot wait to read this one!!! :)

    Thanks for stopping by Part of that World!

  18. YES!!! This is on my TBR already! I cannot wait for this one! It sounds SO GOOD! Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading.
    Waiting on Weds @Libby Blog


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