Top Ten 2014 Summer TBR Titles

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This week's topic:
Top Ten 2014 Summer TBR Titles

We're officially in our last week of Spring, bookworms!
I hate the hot months. I truly do.

However, we put in our air conditioners yesterday, and we're ready to go!

What will you be reading this summer?

Here's some stuff I'm looking forward to reading!

(I would list RUIN AND RISING, but I plan to finish it before spring is over!! Same with another book or two I'm hoping to read before summer officially hits! So I won't list them now, lol!)

I've already read  both
ON THE FENCE by Kasie West,
which I'll be reviewing very soon, but THESE SHOULD BE ON YOUR SUMMER TBR!!!!!! 

In no particular order...


Okay, while there isn't any particular order, ISLA *is* my #1 summer read. I'll be reading this one the day I get my grubby mitts on it, yo!
I crazy-super-loved ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, and lost a little of the love fest during LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR, but but but! We are going back to Paris!!! I'm so excited about this book!!!

2) TANDEM and TETHER, both by Anna Jarzab

I really wanted to read TANDEM last year and didn't get the chance. Now that I'm lucky enough to have an ARC of TETHER, I'm planning to read both boths within the next month!

3) THE RING AND THE CROWN by Melissa de la Cruz

Because this was also on my Spring TBR, and then I got into my Reading Slump of DOOM. I really, really want to read this fantasy, though, and I've heard such great things about it!

4) DELIVERANCE by CJ Redwine

I really loved DEFIANCE. Such a great mix of fantasy and dystopian, but also something fresh and unique. I've been dying for the final book in this trilogy! And, spoiler alert, a certain read-a-thon is coming to a computer near you this summer...!


This was my Waiting on Wednesday title last week, and I'm eagerly awaiting August to read it! I love the cover, the summary, everything. Oh, this will be a summer for fantasy novels, that's for sure!

6) THREATS OF SKY AND SEA by Jennifer Ellison

SEALER'S PROMISE has been put off a few times. I love Kathy as a blogger, and have wanted to read her novel since hearing she was writing a Beauty and the Beast retelling. The story has come a long way, and I'm still so excited to read it. Plus, pretty cover!!! It's finally almost here!

7) SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE by Morgan Matson

I've been hearing amazing, wonderful things about this novel. Sometimes, I like something lighter, and this looks like the perfect contemporary novel to read this summer! I've already read a free preview of it on my nook, and definitely need to read a little more!

8) THE PERILOUS SEA by Sherry Thomas

I've been counting down the days until fall so I could read the sequel to THE BURNING SKY. Now that I have a coveted ARC, I'm planning to treat myself to an early read. I'm so excited about venturing back to this world!!!


This was another Spring title I didn't get to that I hope to read within the next couple of weeks.
It has been blurbed by contemporary heavyweight champions such as Stephen Chbosky, Laurie Halse Anderson, Jay Asher, Gayle Forman, and Lauren Myracle. How could I NOT be drooling over this one? 
 I'm only ashamed I haven't already devoured my ARC, since it's been begging to be read for so long now! *begs for a contemporary mood to strike*

10) SHE IS NOT INVISIBLE by Marcus Sedgwick

Another contemporary ARC begging for my love...since Spring. I just need that mood to strike!
I've never read Sedgwick before, but I know he can write! In 2011, he was a Printz Honor Winner for REVOLVER, and he's this year's Printz Award Winner for MIDWINTERBLOOD.
I wanted to read SHE IS NOT INVISIBLE  before I knew these things about him, though...heck, before he even won this year's coveted Printz!
For one thing, the main character is blind. I've always gravitated towards books where the character has the odds stacked against him/her due to a disability, and so I'm already hooked!

What books are you looking forward to reading this Spring? ^_^


  1. Man, so many good picks. Gates of Thread and Stone - I somehow missed your WoW last week, so hadn't heard of this one, but now YES I NEED IT IMMEDIATELY! :)

    Only one complaint on this list - not enough mermaids. ;)

  2. I'm really excited to read Since You've Been Gone. It seems to be really enjoyed by many bloggers. I hope you enjoy the books on your list! :-)

  3. Can I just say... The covers for Tandem and Tether are GORGEOUS? I've been meaning to read Tandem for some time but it just never happened sigh. 99 Problems of Book Nerd!

    Anyway! Have a great summer and happy reading =)

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story

  4. Sooo many good picks! Isla and the Happily Ever After is really getting around this week, I can't wait for it!
    My TTT

  5. so many great books. I really hope you enjoy them all :)

    Great list and also new follower :) My TTT

  6. THE PERILOUS SEA OMFG I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK *flails* And Isla <3 *happy sigh*

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  7. Since You've Been Gone is amazing and I can't wait to read Isla and the Happily Ever After!

    Great list! Here's my TTT

  8. I've been seeing ISLA on so many lists today – pretty sure it's the #1 contemporary YA summer pick! Also, hadn't heard of Sealer's Promise before, but a Beauty & the Beast retelling? *adds to Goodreads*

  9. I'm really excited to read Isla and the Happily Ever After; I loved her other two books. Love Letters to the Dead just came onto my radar but the cover is beautiful and now that I know those authors have blurbed the book, it's jumped up on my reading queue. Great list!

    My TTT
    Alex @ The Book Banner


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