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The First Loves Blog Tour is hosted by Bloomsbury and features YA authors: 
Jillian Cantor, Mandy Hubbard, Lindsey Leavitt, Emery Lord, and Kristin Rae.
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In addition to the following interview, 
I'm also giving away a book of your choice! 

You can choose from:

SEARCHING FOR SKY by Jillian Cantor
FOOL ME TWICE by Mandy Hubbard
THE CHAPEL WARS by Lindsey Leavitt

And that's not all! This week, I reviewed 


Next week, I'll be reviewing the remaining three titles.

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    For today's interview stop, 
the authors were asked...

"What was your best-ever first date?"


My first date with my husband. I was fifteen and a sophomore in high school. He was 17 ( a senior). We were friends for a few months but I was secretly in love with him and thought he didn’t feel the same way about me. Our “first date” wasn’t supposed to be a date at all. We went to a mutual friend’s party and he offered to drive me (He had his license. I didn’t.) But we spent that night at the party just talking to only each other, and eventually dancing, and eventually we kissed. We’ve been married now for almost fourteen years and have two kids, so that was definitely my best first date.


Now this is an easy one! I met my Husband when I was 18, and he was 24. We were working at the same Hardware store. It was summer. While we were walking to our cars after the store closed, he asked me to a laser show up in Seattle, about 45 minutes away. He drove us, and on the way to the laser-dome-thingy, we stopped off in the arcade area. There was this super silly “Addams Family Generator”, and it looks like you are holding onto two bolts while they supposedly electrocute you, but really they just vibrate at such a high frequency your hands kinda go numb. There was a little diagram on the front showing how two people “play” together—you each grab a handle, and then hold each other’s hands in the middle. That was his big master plan to get us to hold hands—to take me to that game. I still have the print-out saying, “Congrats, you survived 10,000 volts!” Afterward, he took me over to the laser show. There are no seats—you lay down on the ground and stare up at the ceiling, and he’d brought pillows. So we got to cozy up to one another and watch the show!


I went to a college Homecoming dance with a boy who would later be my boyfriend. We had a great night of dancing and conversation and what not, but at dinner, I decided to order ribs. Forget the formal attire, sometimes a girl needs her ribs, you know? I just remember being so happy eating what I really wanted to eat and not worrying too much about the sauce that got on my sleeve. I still dream about those ribs.


The first official, this-is-a-date, I’m-picking-you-up-at-noon date (yes noon) with my husband! I was sixteen; it was summertime. The date went on for an epic 11 hours because we kept finding more excuses to not go home. There was laughing and park swings and gelato and driving and everything I love about my hometown. Also kissing. It was not perfect. It was 100 degrees and very sweaty. He may or may not have had a *minor* fender bender with a lamp post because he was nervous. And yet, it was totally perfect, you know?


Well, the most memorable almost-date would have to be the first time my now-husband kissed me (we were just friends for about two years before this event miraculously occurred!). We were about to meet up with friends to go fishing at a lake (I live in Texas, this is not uncommon for us to do), and he kissed me. Boom. Then we had to leave. It was super awkward riding in his truck, sitting between him and this sort of friend of ours (who chose that car ride to grill me on what I look for in a guy), while the whole time my mind was screaming WHAT JUST HAPPENED OH MY GOSH HE KISSED ME FINALLY HE KISSED ME WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN. I don’t even know if I could look at him once we were with the rest of our friends at the lake. Were we together now? (We had the definition talk a few weeks later…). Were we going to tell people? (We didn’t). At the end of the evening, he went out of his way to drop off other people before bringing me back to my truck (I think they suspected at this point) just so we could spend more time together (and for more kissing). 

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SEARCHING FOR SKY by Jillian Cantor  
FOOL ME TWICE by Mandy Hubbard  
THE CHAPEL WARS by Lindsey Leavitt 
  OPEN ROAD SUMMER by Emery Lord  
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  1. best-ever first date, I'd say when my boyfriend took me to Paris as a surprise date *blushing* But that was not my first date, it was my best-ever first date hahaha
    First date it would be with my ex-boyfriend and he took me to Montseny, here in Barcelona, to see all the city.

  2. Hope you have a great day, Sarah x


  3. I haven't had a first date yet. *blushes* So I can't say what my best is. Out of all the author's stories, though, I think Jillian's or Kristin's is the cutest!

  4. Like the Emma above me (my name is Emma, too), I have never been on a date yet either, so I cannot say what my best date is.


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