Which Movie Will Make You Cry MORE???

We all know that YA is awesome and amazing. It's like we've all been in a Secret Club together. YA was ours. Thanks to the movies, a lot of casual readers are starting to realize the depth of YA. It's not just for teens. The issues transcend time. Action, fantasy, love, death, it's all here.

This summer, two of the most recently beloved YA contemporaries will become movies...and both promise to make you cry.

The trailers already make me emotional; that's how you know that the source material has been handled with care!

If I Stay by Gayle Forman:


Are you excited to see YA becoming more mainstream?
Over it?
Who cares, you just want to see the movies bring the books to life???

To me, it can never hurt to bring new readers to a book. Sometimes if the movie isn't handled well, it's physically painful and I'll avoid it at all costs. I can appreciate that the movie has brought in new readers, but the cost is very, very high. (Like my favorite book MY SISTER'S KEEPER. I refuse to watch that movie. I. Can't. EVEN.) 

But these both look like they'll be handled well, don't you think?


  1. If I stay looks really good.. The trailer made me cry when they play that song say something.. Hope both movies stick to the books. They screw up my sister keeper big time.. They should redo the movie better.

  2. I haven't read If I Stay yet. I've had the book for years, but Idk why never picked it up. I want to read it before I watch the trailer. But I have ALL THE FEELS when it comes to Fault in Our Stars. I freaking love the people they casted!


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