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Heidi Garrett has just announced the launch of her new Once Upon a Time Today collection! The first novella in the collection, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, will be released on November 15th.

Between now and then, she's throwing a fairy-tale-themed party and hopes you'll come! Over the next few weeks, she will be offering three free short stories on Amazon and some video—the story within the story—for the third one. There will also be a blog tour with a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway!

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Free on Amazon thru October 30!

A Short Story: The Girl Who Watched for Elves

In A Short Story: The Girl Who Watches for Elves, a young woman spends a transformational afternoon with a tarot reader. As the reader interprets the images in the twenty-card spread, the young woman experiences a deeper acceptance of where she's come from and a more expansive view of where she's going. The traditional tarot images--representing the formative points in her past, the challenges of her present, and the promise her future holds--awaken the young woman to a sense of life's magic.

The short stories, The Girl Who Watched For Elves, The Girl Who Dreamed of Red Shoes, and The Girl Who Couldn't Sing, chronicle the journey of a girl who never stopped believing in fairy tales. They are the prelude to Heidi Garrett's Once Upon a Time Today collection.
~ Excerpt ~
On a crisp fall day, a young woman visited a tarot reader.

He shuffled his cards and proffered the deck for her to cut before proceeding to lay out twenty cards, in two rows of ten.

The young woman sat across from the reader in anticipation.

What secrets might he reveal to her about herself?

The reader gazed at the tableaux, then at her, then back at the cards. He adjusted his glasses, and settled one elbow on the table.

What did he see in the cards?

"The world you were born into was very hot," he said.

She nodded, appreciating this new way of looking at her origins.


Once upon a time, a girl was born into the heat of battle. This battle wasn't apocalyptic in the sense of the world at large, no, the battle she was born into was rather microscopic, when considered in relation to the billions of people who lived on planet earth and the problems that plagued them. But she was only an infant, with a newborn's limited ability to move, and no ability to leave the battlefield, so to her, it was like being born into Armageddon...

She'll also be writing about Fairy Tales and what they mean to her on her blog!

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