{Spotlight & Excerpt} HELLHOUND TWISTED by Karen Swart

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The Kasadya series reminds me in some ways of both Jennifer Armentrout's Covenant series (Which begins with HALF-BLOOD) and Rachel Hawkins' Hex Hall series (Which begins with HEX HALL).

In some ways, Kasadya is the *opposite* of all the angel books out there, because it explores Fallen Angels and demons rather than the more-popular holy angels in the genre right now. Kasadya is a hellhound, a guardian sent to prevent the spread of sin...even though she herself is made of it.

Slightly different twist, no?

HELLHOUND TWISTED is the second of four books in the Kasadya series. The first book, HELLHOUND AWAKENED, is available now.
The third book, HELLHOUND BORN, is scheduled to come out tomorrow, August 1st, and the final book, HELLHOUND DEFINED, is scheduled to release in early 2014.

O F F I C I A L   I N F O:

Author: Karen Swart
Release Date: Out Feb. 15, 2013
Publisher: Karen Swart


She fought against all odds and became the warrior she was meant to be … or so she thought. In a world where the rules have changed, can she embrace her destiny and become the hellhound she was meant to be? 

Kasadya is back in Exsilium and finds her world a little different. Her half-breed fallen friends join her, and they are ordered to complete their apprentice training in order to obtain the right to be guardians. She must learn that her own fate cannot be denied and that others are set to follow. But most of all, she must learn that to trust is the greatest battle of all. 

The tables are turned and Kasadya is put to the test. Will she be able to prevent her own death, or that of a friend? Or will her actions call forth the destruction of Earth and Exsilium?

 For a Phoenix to rise, it must first die. —Chax De Luca

An Excerpt from 
by Karen Swart

“Do you serve because you want to gain access to Heaven? Or do you serve because you want to, because it is in your heart to?” I challenged them, and silence greeted me. The few eyes that had shown aggression now looked to the earth, shamed at the conclusion of my challenge. They serve themselves, for their own cause. They are not here because their hearts tell them that this is the right thing to do.

“These humans are out there every day, fighting to eliminate the demons, and they do this because they want to. They do this because it was their free willed choice to do it. You speak about honour and love, yet all of you are only doing this for yourselves!” I was pissed off, talk about hypocrites!
“Just breathe through it,” Chax tried once more. But my breathing wasn’t slowing down and my normal vision was almost non-existent. What a final moment. Here in the cold with my Custos, no final glory, no grand exit, just us in a deserted place. Suddenly a pain shot through my wing and I screamed in agony. Confused, I looked at the wing, and then at Chax and froze. He just broke my wing, the pain rippling up to my back and into my spine. Shocked and suddenly afraid I looked at him, “Now breathe,” he instructed and I did.

I lay there, pinned beneath him, and started to try and control my breathing. He was watching me intently, his eyes boring into mine. “That’s it,” he said after a few minutes. “Take back control, this is how you will fight it, this is how you will live longer.” I felt heat on my left cheek and then felt it become ice cold, stopping just below my jaw. The same was happening on my other cheek. Tears, I felt my tears. Angry that I would be so weak in front of the one person I wanted to prove myself to, I pushed him off me and got up in super speed. Walking away from him, I wiped the now frozen tears off my face.
“Oh wait, I didn’t tell you about this part. So he was looking at the waterfall, then he stepped on to the top and looked down to try and see me. The next thing he slipped and fell in, and I do believe he was cursing in Russian.” I looked at Kali and we started laughing all over again. But clearly Max didn’t approve.

“I did not slip, you shot me with a light bomb and then I fell into the water,” he rectified the facts.

Nanini turned around on her butt and looked at him. “Yeah, can you prove it, Godzilla?” she taunted him.
Karen lives in a small town in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. She shares her live with her husband, two sons and daughter. If she isn't reading she is writing. Her preferred genres are Paranormal and Urban fantasy. Karen specializes in payroll and HRIS systems analysis and development. At the age of 21 Karen's professional success reached it highest platform, an outstanding achievement at such a young age.
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