{Cover Reveal} Once Upon a Time...the Graphic Novel!

During Fairy Tale Fortnight, I MEANT to tell you about the upcoming graphic novel from ABC's Once Upon a Time, but...I forgot.  It's too bad we didn't know this when I put together a post about an upcoming novelization of Once and the new Once magazine!

Today, Marvel revealed the cover for the issue SHADOW OF THE QUEEN, which features the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman (Who is, yes, the same Huntsman from Snow White that we all fell in love with during Season One of Once!)

The issue is set to come out on September 4th.

Here's an article from Marvel with more details!

What are your thoughts?  Will you read this? 
I will!  I do wish we could see it on TV, though, because I miss the Huntsman!!!


  1. I don't read graphic novels but the cover on this is pretty dang cool.

  2. *Gasp* My friend Jakin Rinn's going to want to know about this.

    I don't read graphic novels either but I'm going to have to read this one!


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