{Cover Art Revealed} UNHINGED by A.G. Howard

Calling all Alice in Wonderland fans!

Today's big for you!  

You get a new cover reveal from A.G. Howard
AND the reveal of a brand new book called 
FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT--along with a chance to win a copy!

Check out today's fun cover reveal, which debuted this weekend!

What are your thoughts?  How do you like it compared to the first book in the series, SPLINTERED?  

I love all the blues and purples, of course.  I also enjoy the way it matches the first book in tone so well, and continues the theme of madness being vomited all over the cover.  Very appropriate for a Wonderland novel!

The only thing I don't like is the spider walking along the brim of the hat *shudder* 
...but it continues the theme of bugs, etc. from the first book, so it works!

A.G. Howard was one of my first-ever blog followers, and I remember checking out her profile and seeing that she was writing a Wonderland novel.  She's been on my radar ever since, and I'm so happy to see a second book coming from her!

What are your thoughts?  


  1. I love the Unhinged cover! The purples and greens are so gorgeous together.


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