Cover Art Revealed! ACROSS A STAR-SWEPT SEA by Diana Peterfreund

Two cover reveals in one day?
The publishers have been BUSY!

I can't resist showing you this one, though, because I am SO EXCITED!

You might recall that last month, I reviewed

by Diana Peterfreund 
(As well as the novella AMONG THE NAMELESS STARS)

and geeked out over the fact that there was going to be
another book set in the world, ACROSS A STAR-SWEPT SKY.

FDSTS is a futuristic sci-fi retelling of Jane Austen's PERSUASION,
and AASSS is going to be a retelling of
Baroness Emmuska Orczy's THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL.

I thought the cover of FDSTS was amazing, and that it couldn't be topped.
Do you remember it?

Well, get ready for another striking cover.  What I loved about FDSTS was the way the dress faded into and became the galaxy.

Now, the dress fades into and becomes the sea!

I also like the specks of light; they bring the color from the first book into this one.

You can tell that the books are related, yet complete stand-alones.

I want this book even more than I already did...and that was a lot!!!

What are your thoughts?  
Do you think Balzer + Bray / HarperTeen has outdone itself this time?
These books are both so gorgeous!!!


  1. Oh, this is my favorite so far! Stunning. The font compliments the waves on the cover perfectly.

  2. I've never read the book, but the new cover is absolutely stunning! Love!

  3. Are those dreadlocks? Everything but her hair is lovely.

  4. Wait so they are stand alones? I thought they were together because of how the covers have a theme.. Guess I need to pay more attention


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