Fox Orders TV Pilot for Lauren Oliver's DELIRIUM!

I have some exciting news to share tonight.

DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver was one of my absolute favorite books of 2011, and after blowing through its sequel, PANDEMONIUM, last year, I've been eagerly awaiting the launch of the final book in the trilogy, REQUIEM, which is finally a month away.

Fox just announced that it's optioned a pilot episode based on DELIRIUM for its Fall 2013 season.

Here's the Entertainment Weekly write-up:

Next is Delirium from writer-executive producer Karyn Usher (Bones). Logline: “Based on bestselling trilogy about a world where love is deemed illegal and is able to be eradicated with a special procedure. With 95 days to go until her scheduled treatment, Lena Holoway does the unthinkable: she falls in love.” Executive producers include Peter Chernin and Katherine Pope.

TVLine has also confirmed the acquisition.

Now, having an optioned pilot doesn't guarantee that DELIRIUM will be on TV this coming fall.  If Fox likes the pilot, they'll pick up episodes and more filming will ensue.  If not, the pilot will be DOA and not see the light of day, which often happens with TV series.

What's interesting to note is that Fox first optioned to turn DELIRIUM into a movie.  Lauren Oliver has even stated on her personal blog that she's read the first draft of the script and talked about it a little bit.

So, is this TV pilot INSTEAD of a movie script now?  In addition to?  A related spin-off?  Will it become one if the other doesn't succeed/get further in development?

So many questions and so few answers!!!