Real Mermaids Love The Holidays Tour: Making Peanut Butter Cup S’mores

To celebrate the upcoming release of Hélène Boudreau's third Real Mermaids novel, Sourcebooks has put together a fabulous Holiday Blog Tour!

In REAL MERMAIDS DON'T NEED HIGH HEELS (Feb 1, 2013), Jade’s cutie friend Luke comes up with a genius campfire treat called Peanut Butter Cup S’mores. Try the cookie version Jade and her friend Rachel come up with, which would be PERFECT around a crackling fireplace (indoors of course!).

Today, Jade has stopped by to share her recipe with us!


Real Mermaids Festive Treats:
Peanut Butter Cup S'Mores
by Jade (with help from Hélène)

Hi everyone! Jade here from Real Mermaids. 

One of my favourite things about the upcoming holidays is the great treats we get to make and share. I love food so much, in fact, that I included a recipe for some of my favourite snacks in each of the Real Mermaids books. 

My friend Cori and I thought we’d experiment a bit and ‘holiday-ize’ each recipe for you! 

In my upcoming book, REAL MERMAIDS DON'T NEED HIGH HEELS (out Feb 1st, 2013), my cutie friend Luke came up with a genius campfire treat he called Peanut Butter Cup S’mores. Here’s a cookie version my friend Rachel shared with me, which I think would be PERFECT around a crackling fireplace (indoors!).

 Peanut Butter S’more 

Bites Beat together: 
- 1 cup butter 
- 1 cup peanut butter 
- 1/2 cup sugar 
- 1/2 cup brown sugar 
- 1 tsp vanilla 
- 1 egg 

Then add: 
- 1 1/3 cup flour 
- 1 tsp baking soda 
- 1/4 tsp salt 

Drop into mini muffin tins and bake for 8 minutes at 350F. Remove from oven, place 3 mini marshmallows on top and return to oven for 1 minute. Cool. Drizzle with melted chocolate and try not to lick your fingers... 

Happy treats and have a great holiday, everyone! 

O F F I C I A L   I N F O:

Author: Hélène Boudreau
Release Date: Out Feb. 1, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Everyone’s favorite mer-girl Jade is back to make a big splash as she enters high school in the hilarious, third installment of the critically-acclaimed Real Mermaids series, REAL MERMAIDS DON'T NEED HIGH HEELS.

Readers have fallen in love with Jade’s fun and relatable coming-of-age story, in The Real Mermaids Series by Hélène Boudreau. Kirkus praises Hélène Boudreau, saying, “The author keeps suspense high…while tapping straight into young teens’ angst about friends, enemies, and boys.” 

In REAL MERMAIDS DON'T NEED HIGH HEELS,  Jade is finally ready for life to return to normal—even if starting ninth grade is like being a goldfish in a shark tank and being asked to the school dance means Jade must get over her fear of awkward dancing. 

But just as Jade settles into high school life, there is unrest in the ocean, and the whole mer-world is on the brink of civil war. Can Jade find a plus-sized dress that doesn’t look like a shower curtain, keep her mer-ness a secret, and finally figure out if she and Luke are officially dating? Who knew being a high school freshman is even more awkward than being a plus-sized aqua-phobic mer-girl?


  1. Peanut butter, chocolate AND marshmallow? I'm sold. And totally trying this recipe out!


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