Freebies From Marissa Meyer & Jessica Day George!

Sorry I've been inactive all week, bookworms.  I was busy getting ready for the holidays, then received the gift of a bad cold.

I'm still recovering, but I bought a humidifier and some super medicine from the pharmacy, and today, I can actually BREATHE.  This excites me.

I hope your holidays have been merry, and that the looming new year brings wonderful surprises your way!

To make up for my lack of presence online, I'd like to share a few freebies I found on Facebook this morning:

Jessica Day George has released a special short story entitled HOLIDAYS AT THE CASTLE, part of her Castle Glower series, which began with TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE.  WEDNESDAYS IN THE TOWER releases this coming May, so look forward to it!

Here is Bloomsbury's Facebook write-up about this magical gift:

We like gifts, we like holidays, and we like you. So it only makes sense that we gift you with a sparkly holiday treat, featuring the cleverest castle you will ever meet. 

Jessica Day George's very magical, very exclusive HOLIDAYS AT THE CASTLE: A TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE SHORT STORY, is available FREE. Just click, and the story will download ... a bit like magic, no?


Macmillan is also, for a limited time, reducing the price of GLITCHES by Marissa Meyer to FREE!  This is a prequel to CINDER, which you all should read if you haven't done so already!

Follow this link to choose your e-reading format, be it nook, Kindle, iPad, Kobo, etc., and be granted your choice!

From Facebook:

If you've read CINDER, be sure to read Marissa Meyer’s prequel short story, “Glitches” on your e-reader. It’s free for a limited time!

*GLITCHES is also available in the free FIERCE READS ANTHOLOGY, Vol. I, but it's nice to have a copy that stands alone so I can see the lovely cover art!


While Marissa Meyer's second series-related novella, THE QUEEN'S ARMY, costs 99¢ on your e-reader of choice, allows you to read it for free on its website, so check this out as well!  I'm hoping this will be in a third anthology volume from Fierce Reads in 2013!  I'm loving these anthologies full of goodies!

THE QUEEN'S ARMY is a companion piece to SCARLET, the second book in The Lunar Chronicles, which releases on February 5th...which is just barely over a month away!

Enjoy these freebies while they last.  Happy Holidays!


  1. I downloaded Glitches yesterday on my new iPad :)

    I'm probably going to wait to read it until I'm doing my "Pre-Scarlet re-read of Cinder"

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

    1. Yes, I've been waiting on THE QUEEN'S ARMY for my re-reading. I wanted to wait until January for my 2013 ARCs so I could get through 2012 titles for a "Best Of" list...and I thought I could read my last four books this week...but I've been on page 1 for a week now :(

  2. Ooh where did you get that Jessica Day George short story from?!

    1. From Facebook! Here's the link:

    2. Ah you had that link there in your post didn't ya? Now I feel bad. Sorry I didn't see it there. Thanks for sharing it though, I can't wait to read it!

    3. No worries! Just glad you were able to snag it! Enjoy :)


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