Sorry for the long absence!

Hey bookworms, sorry for being away from the blogging world for so long...and wrote so few entries in the weeks before this past one.

I had a few different major events occur within the same time frame and my concentration was completely shot.  I couldn't focus on reading, writing, blogging, any of that stuff.  And I didn't really want to, either.

Today, for example, is the first day I've turned the computer on in I can't even tell you how long...

So I apologize, and things are getting brighter again and will hopefully continue to do so in the next couple of weeks.  I'll hopefully have more entries for you soon, so please stick with me! :)

The past few days have been better.  I can read more than a paragraph (albeit in a genre I never read, romance [even if it IS mermaids], because it requires no concentration...), and I have ideas starting to spin in my head again.  I might even read a real book this week. :)


  1. Hope all is still good with you and your family Bonnie. I've missed you and your sweet blog.


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