Great Bargain Sale at!

Do you love a great deal?  I know I do!  I'm constantly trolling Amazon's Bargain Books for great deals, and there are a LOT of awesome titles being featured right now.

Want some examples?

Four books at a great price that I love a lot are:

(Click each book title to get to the deal on Amazon!  I am NOT an affiliate, so there's nothing special in the links, no worries!)


Hardcover.  Originally $16.99, on sale for $6.80!

{Here is my review and, for good measure, a review of Daisy's second book, THE RIVALS.  Daisy Whitney is seriously a contemporary favorite of mine!

I think one reason I love this so much is because one of my favorite classics is TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee, which Daisy Whitney heavily incorporates into THE MOCKINGBIRDS.  I loved it!  LOVED!}

MISTWOOD by Leah Cypess

Hardcover.  Originally $16.99, on sale for $6.80!

{Okay, so I never got around to reviewing MISTWOOD, but I've read it twice, and, um, that should be motivation enough for you!  I also participated in Leah's NIGHTSPELL Blog Tour last year and had her back on the blog last month for a guest post.  If you like high fantasy and authors such as Kristin Cashore and Alexandra Bracken, you'll enjoy this as well!}

POSSESSION by Elana Johnson

Hardcover.  Originally $17.99, on sale for $7.20!

{This is another one I never got around to reviewing. ;_;  POSSESSION is so good, too!  I was originally going to do a special event with the post, then it fell through, then we were going to do something on Deliriously Falling and, er, that fell through, too...  If you like dystopians, you'll want to read this one!  Plus, this is the original cover...and it's SHIMMERY!!

Simon & Schuster Pulse was kind enough to send me an ARC of SURRENDER, so I'm planning to re-read POSSESSION and read SURRENDER this weekend or next week!  I also still have some autographed bookmark swag, so there will be a giveaway soon!}

RED GLOVE by Holly Black

Hardcover.  Originally $17.99, on sale for $7.20

{Yet another book I read, enjoyed, and didn't review!  I think I read this one during Fairy Tale Fortnight or Splash into Summer last year and just didn't get around to it!  I picked up BLACK HEART from the library last week, though, and will be buying RED GLOVE next week now that it's in paperback [because my copies MUST match even if the covers are different now...], so you should read it, too!}


  1. I love to find bargains. I'm always searching for cheap ones for my kindle. My threshold is about $4.99 for a good deal on a book I recognize as being a great read.


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