Disney's Next Animated Movie? FROZEN, Based on THE SNOW QUEEN!

I am so super extremely incredibly excited right now, y'all!!!!!!

THE SNOW QUEEN is one of my favorite fairy tales EVER.  Ever, ever, ever.

And I loooove when Disney does fairy tales.  And musicals.  And animated movies.

I was devastated when they stopped doing musicals, then again when they mentioned that they were done with fairy tales right before TANGLED came out and made mad amounts of money.

I was looking online to see whatever happened to Idina Menzel's proposed musical TV series with a GILMORE GIRLS-esque feel on IMDB when I saw her mentioned as The Snow Queen.  "Huh," I thought, clicking the link.  I was actually expecting to see a live-action movie similar to SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN.
Early concept art for Disney's
entitled FROZEN.  I wonder
what the final artwork will entail!?

I was SHOCKED to see that it was going to be an animated movie.  I hurried to see if it was Disney putting it out because I've known that Alan Menken has been working on THE SNOW QUEEN for a few years now.

Ahh, and Disney IS doing it.  And if they're really casting Idina Menzel (Broadway babies may know her as originating the roles of Maureen in RENT [Yes, she was also her in the movie version] and Elphaba in WICKED, while GLEE fans will know her as Shelby, aka "Rachel's Mom.") and Kristen Bell, who you know as an actor, but perhaps might not realize is also a singer, well...........this is another Disney musical!

It looks like news broke in December that this was going to be Disney's Winter Holiday 2013 film, but I never saw it.  I wasn't even looking for it, because everyone--even Alan Menken--said that THE SNOW QUEEN was dead in the water.  It was originally commissioned to be part of a show at the Tokyo DisneySea theme park, which never happened.  I've been hoping to see it hit the silver screen in animation and was downtrodden when I heard that it had been shelved.

This news has me sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

It's an animated Disney fairy tale musical, and a favorite to boot!

Ahhh, is it 2013 yet? [Though I shouldn't wish my life away, should I?  Next month, I have both SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and Disney/Pixar's BRAVE to tide me over.  But oh....!]


  1. I heard about this not to long ago, but I had no idea Idina Menzel was involved. Why is 2013 so far away?

  2. That is so awesome, I love Disney movies! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing - I missed this bit of news too! I was also devastated when Disney had their whole spiel about fairy tales being dead/etc...was very glad Tangled convinced them otherwise & they changed their position. We NEED fairy tales! And Disney does them so well... Definitely looking forward to more info/details about this one, especially with a Menken score :oD

  4. I had no idea this was going on - good to know. Thanks, Bonnie! - Kellie

  5. Bonnie!!! I saw the first 30 minutes of BRAVE and they were FANTASTIC!!! Every day is another day I can cross off the calendar until I can finally see it in all its glory. It's beautiful. And moving. And just...MAGICAL!!!!

    Literally Jen

  6. Yay Bonnie!!! This is excellent! I love it when Disney does fairy tales :D

  7. I haven't heard a whole lot about frozen although before reading this posted I believed it to be a live action movie also. Now I'm super excited that it is to be a fairy tale movie. Disney's latest fairy tale movie was Tangled and that was in 2010. Although I liked Wreck it Ralph I think I will love this movie even more.

    1. I'm not sure how eager I am anymore, though. I'm hearing...things. It's going to be VERY different from the original fairy tale (which is one of my favorites) AND Alan Menken is no longer doing the music; they've retooled from that version. The early images I can see on google don't leave me breathless, either.

      I'm scared! But there's time, and I still have hope...!

      Oh, I just saw Wreck-It Ralph this month! It was cute!!


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