Cover Crazy: Rounding Up Some of Last Week's Cover Reveals!

Cover Crazy is hosted by The Book Worms. Each week, bloggers "admire the art and beauty of a book’s design, so I’m going to post minimal words. It is up to you to write how you feel and what you like about it the way you’d like to."

So, this week has been really busy for me.  Obviously, since I didn't even get a Weekly Recap up yesterday (I opted to go back to sleep for an hour before work after showering...sorry!  I'll try to get it up tonight).  While I didn't have time to post covers as they were revealed, I'm rounding them up for your enjoyment now!

Which one do YOU like the best?

ASUNDER by Jodi Meadows

Ah, the sequel to INCARNATE finally has both a title AND a cover!  They revealed together.  INCARNATE is my 2012 love of the year so far.  Jodi's writing style is so beautiful that it makes me not want to write ever again because I know I can't write like her, and it hurts my heart.

I like the way this cover mirrors the first book, which has a butterfly mask instead of the flowers framing her face.  In the first book, there's a reason for this cover.  We'll see if there is in the second as well!

The new cover also mirrors the first by having a very similar gradient color scheme, and it picks up the white from the bottom of the first book by bringing it into the title and author's name on the second.

I can't wait to read this!!

FATHOMLESS by Jackson Pearce

I've got to tell you...
I've been DESPERATELY awaiting the reveal of this cover.  I love the covers for SISTERS RED and SWEETLY so incredibly much.

When I saw that the entire series was getting revised, my heart dropped.  Granted, the FATHOMLESS cover isn't bad by any means and is still interesting to look at, but it makes me so sad!

The new cover for SWEETLY looks rather generic and wouldn't stand out to me on a shelf, though it might to readers not as big on art-like covers, so there is that.  And we haven't seen the cover for SISTERS RED yet!

What I like the best about the new cover is the way the title FATHOMLESS is bure white...except for a littttttle bit of red up in the "H" and the "O," which adds a sinister edge to the cover.

I really like the necklace floating down in the ocean, too, and that poor mermaid looks trapped, as though maybe she's actually real and cursed into jewelry.  I like the sound of that!

PRODIGY by Marie Lu

I'm not sure if this one actually revealed this past week or when, but I saw it for the first time this week, so...!

I really hope the black on that cover prints as metallic, or else it will look noticeably different from LEGEND, which is super shiny!  Then again, there's definitely silver foil happening in the title/author lettering, which matches the gold from the first, so at the very least, there is that.

While the symbol looks very different this time around, it also looks less military, which will pick up interest from readers who may have overlooked the cover for the first book, while still appealing to the first market.

Plus, I want to know more about that logo, don't you??


Again, not sure when this ACTUALLY revealed, but I noticed it for the first time this week.  I've been looking forward to reading this one because it sounds like a good fantasy, and the cover has me even more excited!

I would pick this up blind to see what it was about.  from the mysterious figure to the shadowed background to that logo or object or whatever in the foreground, I want to know more!  I also like the way the word KINGDOMS is fading into smoke.

Give me now, please, thank you?

DELUSION by Laura L. Sullivan

I hadn't even heard of this book before this past week, but the cover very obviously looks like it's about magicials or illusionists or the circus or something, and that's enough to intrigue me right off the bat.  I've always liked such things, and my interest is renewed thanks to THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern (My favorite book of 2011) and the recent PBS mini-series CIRCUS.

This cover looks like a poster/advertisement for the act and has me hooked already!  I also love the font and design work around it.

This cover alone hooked me, and that's saying a lot, don't you think?

Which cover is your favorite this week?

Of them all, I'd probably say I like FALLING KINGDOMS best!


  1. Lots of great covers!

    I actually really like how similar Incarnate and Asunder are. I like when books look like they belong together :)

    I really like the design of Prodigy (how it looks sort of stencil/spraypainted. But the texture is so different from the clean metallic of Legend. wish those two books looked a little more similar.

    Just my thoughts!

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  2. i haven't actually read any of these, but seeing the transition on the marie lu one makes me wonder if something happens at the end of legend to the bright crisp military seeming story to make it more like some kind of wasteland for the second. seeing them together has me more intrigued than seeing them separately. i really think both are beautiful.

    and as much as i love incarnate's cover, this new one seems like a poor job to mimic the first... i like the cohesiveness of the series looking similar, but the light that draws you into incarnate's cover seems totally lacking in this new one... which could work if the thought was to make it seem to be radiating darkness for some reason... but it doesn't it just seems really blah. and without the light it makes the photoshopped "perfection" feel all wrong. and the cropping isn't great... and... i guess i was just expecting greatness because incarnate's is so beautiful. and i hate to be harsh... because it takes sooo much talent to make that cover... i guess i'm just dissappointed.

    like you, i adore falling kingdoms' cover and the delusion one has me intrigued... although i wish their faces weren't as much of a focus with how gorgeous all the other components of the cover are...

    yikes! i feel like i'm coming off crabby! i don't mean to be. i think it's because i'm so sick today...

  3. Falling Kingdom's hands down wins the prize. Its gorgeous. The others for me are just meh.


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