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Prom is in the air, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is ready to celebrate!

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In addition, HMH has offered one A Backwards Story reader a prize pack of the following four books:

ILLUMINATE by Aimee Agresti

Have you been to prom?  Are you going to prom?  Please leave a comment sharing your favorite memory or what you're most excited about for your upcoming prom!  You can also tweet your memories to @HMHKids (and to me @abackwardsstory!) with the hashtag #PromMemories!

This contest is limited to United States bookworms over the age of thirteen!

Enter by April 30th by filling out the following form:  (Andddddddddd you get extra points for sharing memories, so go on!  SHARE!)


  1. I had an amazing Senior Prom! My dress was pink and I had Audrey Hepburn's hair from Breakfast At Tiffany's going on! Love it!!!

  2. Prom sucked for me! I got bit by a spider the night before IN MY FACE, I looked like I had a baseball in my cheek and I was drowsy as hell from the benedryl I had taken to bring down the swelling...let's just say it wasn't the best experience haha

  3. Prom was okay for me - my dress was teal and white, I loved it and felt like a princess! I learned a lot that night, who were my true friends and who weren't, but in the end, it was a good memorable night :)

  4. I have great prom memories...I went to mine and my husbands with him. Well he wasn't my husband at the time.

    Thank you!

  5. My quasi-boyfriend and I were constantly on and off throughout high school (we'd date for a few weeks every month or so), and he decided for us to be "off" two weeks before my senior prom*. I could not find anyone to go with me, so I went with my cousin. Now before you start dry-heaving, I want you to know that this was his only chance at a prom experience. AND we went as a group - with one of my best guy friends and another cousin. Yes, I live in the American South. No, there is nothing else to the story. I mean, look how secure I am about sharing this with strangers. :-P

    *We were "off" for a year after this one. I hold grudges quite well.

  6. Prom hmmm well I will always remember the 50 drunk kids crying in the hall after getting kicked out nothing says fun like watching people hysterically meltdown huh???

  7. Oh gosh!! Illuminate is in that package!!! I've been wanting that for awhile now. Hmmmm....favorite prom memory? Well that'd have to be the one I went to with my high school sweetheart. We went to separate schools and our proms were a week apart. Double the fun for junior proms! Mine was Titanic themed, it was all the rave back then, and his was.....yep! You guessed! Titanic themed! It was so awesome because we didn't know what his would be until we got there. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. thank you for this great contest! my fave prom memory was the crazy dinner before with friends.

  9. Well, I remember someone accidentally setting the centerpiece on fire so we all had to evacuate...pretty exciting actually.

  10. I had a very fun Senior Prom I actually went with my first kiss which is funny cause we dated when we were sophomores and had just been friends ever since. It was really fun I wore a beautiful blue dress and I had a blast!!!

  11. I went to prom. It was OK, but I loved buying the beautiful dress! I work at a high school now and have enjoyed seeing pictures of the dresses that many of the girls are buying. They are not supposed to have their phones out but I've let a few bring theirs out just to show me their dress picture. It is a fun time for most. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. One of the things I best remember about my prom is the gorgeous dress I'd saved up my own money to buy!!! I was so proud of that, plus I felt like a princess wearing it :)
    Thank you also for the sweet giveaway!


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