Hopefully this template is better...

I'm having no luck with templates right now, sorry!!

The last one was ballooning my images and making everything look horrible, so cute as it was, it's gone!  The mermaid one I've been saving is actually for Facebook :(  I can't find a just-right fairy tale theme for Fairy Tale Fortnight, so that's out.  I hate the layout I made yesterday in Photoshop, so I won't be debuting it. 

For now, I think this theme is really cute because it picks up on the new tagline I want to be using, "...who shall I be today?"  Whenever we open a book, we become someone new, and I'm in the process of acquiring a more permanent layout that encompasses this.  It probably won't be finalized until the summer, though, since I cannot for the life of me draw....

I don't know what's going on with the "undefined" blurbs to the right or the fact that the green box at the top has should have links but doesn't, but the design itself is cute.

The only downside is that I've lost my ability to reply to comments. *cries*  I guess this is an older theme....?  Waaaah~~!  I did respond to you this week, though...! 

For now, this will do, Pig.  This will do!


  1. this one is cute too!
    where are you getting your themes?
    i'd like to see the one you're working on yourself!
    also, you could always share your facebook theme with over here and sort of mermaid brand yourself that way...
    and how am i not facebook friends with you?


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