{FTF Cover Crazy} PRINCESS OF THE SILVER WOODS by Jessica Day George

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by Jessica Day George

This cover has been one of my most highly-coveted "Want to See" designs of 2012!  I adored the first two covers in the companion trilogy.  When this cover went live earlier this year, I was ecstatic.  I'm still eager to see a high-res image that isn't so blurry, but for now, this makes me happy!  Bloomsbury always has such lovely covers!

I cannot wait to hold a real copy of this book and see all the detail!  That ivory dress looks like it has a beautiful inlaid design, and that cloak!  Don't you just want to run your hands up and down it?  It really comes to life!  I'm not sure what I think about the way the model is looking at us, but I love the clothing! *swoon*

This is definitely a highly-anticipated book this year!

I'm not positive that it's my overall favorite design of the three because the other dresses are just soooooo gorgeous, but I'm reserving final judgement until I see it in person because it IS eye-catching, even with the low-quality image!

What do you think of my choice this week?


  1. I'm going to be featuring this one as a Coming Attraction. Can't wait for it! Little Red!!!

  2. I want to read these re-tellings so bad! The new cover looks amazing!

  3. Wouldn't you love a chance to wear one of those gowns for real to some event? I sure would. I love the dress from Entwined too.

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