IMM & Week in Review: The Disney-Hyperion Book Tour Edition

IN MY MAILBOX: 02.05.12

In My Mailbox was created by Kristi at The Story Siren because:

"I get books to read and then ultimately share my thoughts about with my readers. As much as I want to, I can’t possibly read every book I receive. Yet, I still wanted a way to feature those books on the blog, even though it might not be in the form of a review. Problem solved! Every week I'd share the books I received that week... ones I'd bought, or gotten at the library, and ones that I'd receive to review on the blog. That way I could mention titles that might not otherwise get some face-time on The Story Siren..."

I find the same thing happening at A Backwards Story. I'm so backed up on reviews atm... That's why I like these videos!


*COBBOGOTH (Autographed Copy!) by Hannah L. Clark (until March 22nd)
*EMBRACE by Jessica Shirvington (until March 31st)


*Honestly? I haven't read a single thing since Monday or Tuesday, despite all the stuff that I SHOULD be reading. Instead, I've been spending my reading (and blogging ^^;;) time writing this week!

[link to my GoodReads account so you can see my blurb feed as I read]

*FATED by Sarah Alderson (Everyone's right.  Sarah Alderson is awesome!  I zipped right through both of her books at the beginning of the week!  I think FATED is my favorite of the two atm.)
*HUNTING LILA by Sarah Alderson
*THE FINE ART OF TRUTH OR DARE by Melissa Jensen (I was missing my copy of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS since I've loaned it out, so I picked up a book that's supposed to be similar.)


*KATANA by Cole Gibsen (Blog Tour)

*Cover Crazy: THE CROWN OF EMBERS by Rae Carson
*Mythological Mondays: Cover Love for EMBERS AND ECHOES by Karsten Knight
*Guest Post & Giveaway with EMBRACE Author Jessica Shirvington


The Disney-Hyperion Book Tour Edition!

I had so much fun at this week's local signing with Ally Carter and Rachel Hawkins.  If I had turned my computer on this week, I would have typed up a post for you.  I still plan to do that soon!  This week's edition is in honor of the event.

Also, the books only go to the 7 minute mark, for everyone looking at the scary time on the video.  The last few minutes are showing you the Keurig maker for anyone who's never seen one before. (Until recently, I hadn't!)


*SPELL BOUND bookmark swag from the signing! {It mentions a chance to win prizes by recreating the cover for SPELL BOUND on this Facebook site}
*I'D TELL YOU I LOVED YOU, BUT THEN I'D HAVE TO KILL YOU {Since I didn't buy it this week, I put it in this category, but I now have an AUTOGRAPHED COPY, oh yeah!}
*Magnetic Nail Polish: Wearing Layla Magneffect in Turquoise Wave. Also pictured: China Glaze Magnetix in Drawn to You and You Move Me, as well as the China Glaze three-way magnet {Because this nail polish is amazingly cool and I noticed that I was flashing my fingers all over the video and you might want to know more about the design! These were all purchased from Ulta and featured in their recent print ads. I don't know where else you can buy it!}
*Keurig B40 Elite Coffee Brewer {I always love a good sale...especially when Kohl's give me a 30% Off Mystery Coupon!  This Keurig usually goes for $149.99.  It was on sale, plus I had a coupon, so it came to $76-something, which is an amazing price!  Also pictured in the video:  Reusable filter and some k-cups...and some drinking cups!}


*HEX HALL by Rachel Hawkins {I upgraded to hardcover! I initially had the first in paperback and was going to continue on that way. But now I have an autographed hardcover!! Rachel's pens were AMAZING, by the way! A matching color for each book! Check out my HEX HALL review!}*DEMONGLASS by Rachel Hawkins {After hearing about the signing, I decided to buy this one in hardcover even though I've been waiting a year for the paperback! Check out my DEMONGLASS review!}
*SPELL BOUND by Rachel Hawkins {Hot off the presses AND autographed, what more could a girl want? ...Besides a chance to READ it, that is!}

Physical ARCs/Finished Copies:
*THE NEXT FULL MOON by Carolyn Turgeon [Out Now]
{Thank you to Carolyn Turgeon! Last year, I reviewed two of Carolyn's adult fairy tale novels, MERMAID and GODMOTHER, as well as featured an author interview during Fairy Tale Fortnight and an author guest post during Splash into Summer.  I'm so excited to read her middle-grade debut!}


{I wanted to read this before the signing, but then I wasn't reading and it didn't happen, so I have yet to read about what the Gallagher Girls are up to now!}
*THE BEAUTIFUL BETWEEN by Alyssa B. Sheinmel
{This has been on my TBR list for a really long time now! As in, it's number 48 at Goodreads, and I have a bazillion titles listed on there! Something comes up every time I try...but not this time!!}
*WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON by John Green and David Levithan
{I've heard THE FAULT IN OUR STARS is John Green's best, and I haven't read him yet despite owning a few of his books. So I want to read from least-acclaimed to most-acclaimed so that I don't read his "best" books first and get disappointed by every other book. This happened to me with a favorite author of mine and I don't want it to happen again!}

*THE SWEETEST DARK by Shana Abé [Out Aug. 21, 2012]
{Thank you to Random House!  I've been wanting to read this author since seeing she had a mermaid novel, but I never have.  It's exciting to see that she's coming out with her first YA novel!}
*INVISIBLE by Carla Buckley [Out Sept. 25, 2012]
({hank you to Random House! This is recommended for fans of Jodi Picoult, so of course I need to try it out!!}
*DREAMLESS by Josephine Angelini [Out May 29, 2012]
{Thank you to HarperCollins!  This is the sequel to STARCROSSED, which I reviewed last year!}
*ONCE by Anna Carey [Out July 03, 2012]
{Thank you to HarperCollins! This is the sequel to EVE, which I haven't read yet.  It's sitting in a really tall pile atm waiting for me to have time!}
*THE LOST CODE by Kevin Emerson [Out May 22, 2012]
{Thank you to HarperCollins!  This one involves Atlantis, so I'm already intrigued and must know more!}
*THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass [Out April 24, 2012]
{Thank you to HarperCollins!  I have wanted to read this one since the publishing deal broke in 2010, long before it had a cover that made everyone sit up and pay attention!}
*UNRAVELING by Elizabeth Norris [Out April 24, 2012]
{Thank you to HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray! This one has been getting good early buzz and has a unique concept I haven't seen before, so I'm intrigued!}
*MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH by Bethany Griffin [Out April 24, 2012]
{Thank you to HarperCollins!  With a stunning cover and an inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe himself, this one sounds really fascinating!}

What did you get in your mailbox this week?


  1. I really look frward to know what you think of Will Grayson Will Grayson because I'd love to read some of his books :) ! Great mailbox Bonnie :)

  2. I want to read The Selection & Eve so bad. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  3. You got a lot of really great books this week. I can't wait to read most of them myself. Happy reading!

    My IMM
    Safari Poet

  4. Gotta love Rachel Hawkins! I really need to get my hands on a copy of Spell Bound! Have been dying for it since I finished Demonglass! *has mini fit*

    My IMM -

  5. Hello there. Among the titles you have here, my eye was drawn to Will Grayson - I know that it has received a Stonewall Book Award - and that it tackles a very important issue/topic. I should really get my hands on this one soon. Do enjoy your new reads.

    Here's mine over at GatheringBooks:

  6. I want to read all the rest of Turgeon's books after I read Mermaid. I have Godmother waiting to be read, I hope I can get to it soon.

  7. Great set! So cool that you have an autographed copy of a Gallagher Girl's book. I can't wait to read Selection.
    My IMM

  8. I've read the first Ally Carter book, and enjoyed it - I'll have to track down the rest at the library sometime.

    I hope you like your books! You can see my IMM over here: The Book Bundle.


  9. Ooooh! Looks like you got some yummy books this week!

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Spell Bound!!! And an autograpged copy?! LUCKY GIRL! I can't wait to get myself a copy. Loved Hex Hall and Demonglass! I NEED to catch up on the GG series soon since I have them all now, so really WHAT excuse do I have for not reading them? Uh... none whatsoever!

    The Fault in Our Stars was my first John Green book and my gosh, I am now a devout fan. It was amazing and heart-wrenching and inspiring and wow. Loved every page of it, so I hope to read more of John's books in the future.

    And can I just steal all your e-arcs?!?! WANT!!

    Happy reading! :)

  11. Oh wow you're so lucky to get signed books as well as meeting them! Omg I just got an ARC of Masque of the Red Death and I can't wait!!! So many good books!

    Giselle from
    In My Mailbox

  12. Great Mailbox! I'm really looking forward to The Selection and the Masque of the Red Death

  13. Good and another post from you admin :)
    I hope to visit my Site : Ancient Egypt Facts


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