Haunting Lead HUNGER GAMES music video debuts featuring Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars!

News about THE HUNGER GAMES movie is coming at a fast, frantic pace now as the premiere draws closer.

Last night, MTV debuted the lead music video "Safe and Sound."  Taylor Swift penned the song, which features The Civil Wars.

It's haunting and somber.  In a sit-down interview with Swift, she states:

She also revealed that when she was first asked to pen a song for the soundtrack, she thought she'd be writing something encouraging and upbeat. "When I got the call, I thought from what I'd heard about the movie, 'It's an action movie, right? We're probably going to be writing a song that's like, "We're going to win!" ' And then I read the book, and I thought, 'No, we're going to have to write sort of a death lullaby, it's so different from what I thought.' "

Have you seen the music video yet?  If the embedded video doesn't appear or is removed, this is the link!

So, what do you think?  Discuss! :)