Persevere and Carry On!

I apologize for how quiet A Backwards Story has been...and will continue to be.

I'm having computer failure issues and have to salvage and restore my hard drive. I might still wind up needing a new computer because mine has been on the fritz since the summer...but it's only three years old and shouldn't be necessary yet.

I will return you to your regularly-scheduled blog as soon as possible, but for isn't easy blogging via cell phone!


  1. ohman! i hope you can figure all the tech issues out! i'm sorry you have to deal with that mess!

  2. Oh, that's so very frustrating Bonnie. I bit the bullet and bought a brand new 2012 Mac computer for Christmas. It was totally expensive, but oh so worth it! I can do stuff in 1/2 the time now. My old computer was 5 years old, running Windows Vista and slow as molasses. This new computer ROCKS! I hope you get yours repaired soon. I miss hearing from you.

  3. Aw, that sucks! Sorry to hear it :( Hope you can get everything resolved soon! :)

  4. How terrible. That is terrible. Hope it gets repaired soon. :-)

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