In My Mailbox: 12.04.11

IN MY MAILBOX: 11.06.11

In My Mailbox was created by Kristi at The Story Siren because:

"I get books to read and then ultimately share my thoughts about with my readers. As much as I want to, I can’t possibly read every book I receive. Yet, I still wanted a way to feature those books on the blog, even though it might not be in the form of a review. Problem solved! Every week I'd share the books I received that week... ones I'd bought, or gotten at the library, and ones that I'd receive to review on the blog. That way I could mention titles that might not otherwise get some face-time on The Story Siren..."

I find the same thing happening at A Backwards Story. I'm so backed up on reviews atm... That's why I like these videos!


I'm participating in K.C. Neal's PYXIS Blog Tour this week!  K.C. is giving away a KINDLE!  If you're following A Backwards Story, you have an extra chance to win!  Check it out!


*TOUCH OF FROST by Jennifer Estep [links to my GoodReads blurb feed as I read]


*PYXIS by K.C. Neal
*ENCHANTED by Alethea Kontis


*PYXIS by K.C. Neal (Blog Tour Stop)
*CATCHING JORDAN by Miranda Kenneally


*Cover Crazy: REVIVED by Cat Patrick
*Mythological Mondays with THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY by Kay Cassidy
*Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten TBR Titles This Winter
*Just Contemporary Week 5: Guest Post with Sarah from Story Bound Girl on A Backwards Story
*Just Contemporary Week 5: Sarah from Story Bound Girl hosted my guest post on her blog
*Waiting on Wednesday: TAKE A BOW by Elizabeth Eulberg
*Interview with author Miranda Kenneally (originally for Just Contemporary)
*Guest post: WHY SPORTS? by author Keri Mikulski (PRETTY TOUGH series) (originally for Just Contemporary)



Can you believe it's December already???  Who has asked for books as gifts? (Me, me, me!)


*Met authors Elizabeth Eulberg, Jeff Hirsch, and Coe Booth at Children's Book World for Scholastic's This is Teen book tour.  There are a ton of events with This is Teen, which has its own website, Facebook account, and Twitter handle.  Check them out!

Anyway, since I read Jeff Hirsch's THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE on my nook, I only purchased THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB by Elizabeth Eulberg.  What makes this book really special is the fact that it's the first book I EVER reviewed on A Backwards Story.  I loved meeting Elizabeth and can't wait for TAKE A BOW to come out this coming spring!


*IRISES by Francisco X. Stork [Jan. 01, 2012; thanks to Scholastic & This is Teen!]
*THE GIRLS OF NO RETURN by Erin Saldin [Feb. 28, 2012; thanks to Scholastic & This is Teen!] 
*CURVEBALL: THE YEAR I LOST MY GRIP by Jordan Sonnenblick [March 01, 2012; thanks to Scholastic & This is Teen!]  (Mentioned: Ashley from Basically Amazing Books because she has asked me to read this author before, which I discuss in the video!)
*PERCEPTION by Kim Harrington (CLARITY #2) [March 01, 2012; thanks to Scholastic & This is Teen!] 
*THE FIRE WARS by Kailin Gow [out now; thanks to NetGalley and The Edge!] (AND it's autographed to me.  THANK YOU!!]
*ENCHANTED by Alethea Kontis [May 08, 2012; thanks to NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt!]
*UNDER THE MOON by Natalie J. Damschroder [Dec. 06, 2012; thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing!]
*ALLEGIANCE by Cayla Kluver [Feb. 28, 2012; thanks to NetGalley and HarlequinTEEN!]
*PRETTY CROOKED by Elisa Ludwig [March 13, 2012; thanks to NetGalley and Katherine Tegen/HarperColllins!] 
(This is one of the Top Ten Contemporary Reads I'm most looking forward to in 2012!)
*NEW GIRL by Paige Harbison [Jan. 31, 2012; thanks to NetGalley and HarlequinTEEN!]
*SISTERS OF GLASS by Stephanie Hemphill [March 27, 2012; thanks to NetGalley and Alfred A. Knopf/Random House!]
*AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER -- THE PROMISE, PT.1 [bridge between TV series and upcoming 2012 sequel series]  [Jan. 25, 2012; thanks to NetGalley and Dark Horse Comics!] 


*(New issue of Disney 23 magazine arrived with fun swag!)
*VOID by Rhiannon Lassiter
*ICO: CASTLE IN THE MIST by Miyuki Miyabe (Author of THE BOOK OF HEROES, which was one of the first books I ever reviewed on A Backwards Story)
*LOOK, I MADE A HAT by Stephen Sondheim

What did you get in your mailbox this week?


  1. Ahh jealous you go to meet so many amazing authors!! Ooh and fantastic books, I'm really eager to read Irises, New Girl and Sisters of Glass in particular! And I need to get my hands on Clarity by Kim Harrington soon. Happy reading, Bonnie!

  2. "Cubicle Rebel: Ramblings of a Tragic Employee" by Jennifer Kley.

    Not seeing how to get into your great feature "In My Mailbox" so posting here.

    Keep doing what you do. Don't be overwhelmed. Your opinion is obviously valued.

  3. I hope you enjoy all of the books you got this week! You got a bunch! Come check out my IMM!

  4. Awesome mailbox! I'm excited about all the books. Enjoy your new books!

  5. Great Mailbox! You got a lot of amazing books. I also got New Girl form NetGalley and it sounds really good.
    My IMM
    A Beautiful Madness

  6. Great books this week! So many! Enjoy them all C:

    My Mailbox

  7. You got so many awesome books this week. I hope you enjoy them all. I so would have loved to attend "This is Teen". I didn't find out about till after it was late. Great haul though. Enjoy them.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love Blog

  8. I've gotten "Pretty Crooked" in my mailbox this week as well! Can't wait to read it and see what everyone thinks about it next year for the D.A.C. 2012!

    Also awesome mailbox haul this week! That is some HUGE bundle of books you've got there too :D

  9. You had an amazing haul this week! I've never been to a book signing before, so I'm really jealous of you, haha. I'm glad you had an awesome time!

    Books of Amber

  10. The Girls of No Return sounds good... You got a lot of interesting sounding books this week! Happy reading!!

    Please stop by and see what I got In My Mailbox this week!

  11. wow you got a lot of awesome books
    Happy reading

  12. So many great books from NG currently, looks like you have plenty to read!
    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  13. Wow! Awesome week for you! Pretty Crooked looks sooo good! And I still ahven't read Clarity, but Perception's cover is soooo pretty! Hope you enjoy!

    My IMM.

  14. What a great round-up! So much going on! And you got a lot of great books this week! A lot of great reading is ahead of you! Hope you enjoy! Happy reading!

  15. This is Teen sounds so FUN!!! And that's so cool how they brought ARCs.

    Really awesome ARC haul too :) I hope you'll enjoy all of your books!

  16. Wow, that's a lot of ARCs! Great loot this week :) I quite liked Pyxis! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Michele | My (huge) IMM

  17. A lot of great books. I've been meaning to read Clarity or a while now. I hope you enjoy Perception and all the rest :-)

    My IMM

  18. Wow! Look at all these cool books you've gotten over the weeks. Great mailbox! I'm getting extremely jealous. Thank you for sharing them. *drooling*

    Books For All Seasons

  19. What a wonderful bunch of books! :-) I won't lie, Irises looks EXCELLENT. I hope you like that one, haha.

    Happy reading!!

  20. Sister of Glass and Allegiance look intriguing. You sure have a lot of books in your mailbox this week, and you got to meet up with a lot of authors! Lucky you! Happy reading!

    Take a look at what's in my Mailbox!

  21. Um, I would love to comment on all of those because, I mean, come on, this haul is just too awesome. But there's so many! Clarity is a very fun read, I enjoyed it. And everyone seems to be into Sisters of Glass, I'm going to have to check it out soon!

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

  22. I'm always jealous of people who get so many ARCs - you got some amazing books, by the sounds of it!

  23. Aw, you got so many good books and ARCs. I'm so jealous right now.
    Happy reading!
    Look at my IMM or my blog to see what you like, maybe I actually have something you don't (unlikely)!

  24. OOOhhh, Enchanted! Awesome.

    I really liked The Eleventh Plague. Can't wait to see your review.


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