October TBR Pile

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo this list is huge.  HUGE!    As in, I know a lot of these will be on my Nov/Dec TBR.  There’s no humanly way I can get to all of these.  Especially since I know it will be like previous months and I’ll slip in things that weren’t ordinarily in the pile.

I know I’ll read all the tour books.  I want to crack into most of the ARCs.  I’m pretty sure I’ll probably read quite a few fairy tale books in the next week or two b/c I’m in the mood—unless, of course, I get OUT of the mood, which CAN happen!  And LOLA.  I *know* I’ll read LOLA this week.  It’s third on my TBR list right now. 

Other than that….everything else might just have to wait (sadly!).  But I would LOVE to read…


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PAST PERFECT by Leila Sales [Teen Book Scene]
THE HIDDEN SUN by J. Lloyd Morgan [Official Tour]
DANGEROUSLY PLACED by Nansi Kunze [Official Tour]
STRING BRIDGE by Jessica Bell [Carried over from Sept.; Official Tour]
AUDITION by Stasia Ward Kehoe  [Carried over from Sept.; Official Tour AND upcoming one-week event]
BUNHEADS by Sophie Flack [Upcoming one-week event]
(***I don’t know what happened here; this is the second time the final video copy glitched and showed the BUNHEADS cover where DANCERGIRL is supposed to go, even though when I play it in preview mode, it runs properly and everything is exactly where it belongs! So…I give up. Sorry!***)
DANCERGIRL by Carol M. Tanzman [Upcoming one-week event]
THE ART OF FORGETTING by Camille Noe Pagan [Upcoming one-week event]
[*Upcoming one-week dance event with Marisa from The Writing Dancer; details coming soon!]

(I forgot to mention it, but I also have to read SHATTERED SOULS by Mary Lindsey when the ARC arrives for a Teen Book Scene tour… So I just threw the picture up into the video!)


CINDER by Marissa Meyer [Reading now]
EVERNEATH by Brodi Ashton [Reading next]
DRINK, SLAY, LOVE by Sarah Beth Durst (Technically a finished copy, but for review) [Carried over from Sept.]
LEGEND by Marie Lu [Carried over from Sept.]
GLOW by Amy Kathleen Ryan [Carried over from Sept.]
EVE by Anna Carey [Carried over from Sept.]
UNRAVELING ISOBEL by Eileen Cook [For Just Contemporary in Nov.]
WILDWOOD by Colin Meloy [Carried over from Sept.]


GEEK LOVE by Katherine Dunn [Borrowed from a co-worker; don’t want to keep forever!]
THE LIPSTICK LAWS by Amy Holder [Before I see Amy again, I’d love to have finally read this!  Carried over from the Reading Challenge!  Can also be used for Just Contemporary in November]
SHADOWS ON THE MOON by Zoë Marriott [Carried over from Sept., Reading Challenge, and Birthday]
HUNTRESS by Malinda Lo [Carried over from Sept.; started reading in…maybe April?]
DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver [Re-read for author visit at end of Oct.; also for upcoming Deliriously Falling Events]
BEKA COOPER Trilogy (TERRIER, BLOODHOUND, and MASTIFF [not pictured]) by Tamora Pierce [For author visit in Nov.]
LEGACY by Cayla Kluver
(***AGAIN, I don’t know what happened here. The video glitched AGAIN…for the second time…in the same spot. It’s skipping over the LEGACY cover and then showing it when you’re supposed to see the WITCH SONG cover. I don’t know why Windows Movie Maker keeps doing this today. Buuuuut I seriously put this whole thing together FROM SCRATCH (which takes longer than you might think) after I noticed it the first time and it’s STILL doing it. GRRRRR!!!***)

WITCH SONG by Amber Argyle
LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins [Forgot to show a pic, but did for companion novel ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS.  Third in line atm!  Can I wait for Just Contemporary to review?  Maybe, since everyone else is doing it right now...]


Other review books that keep getting pushed aside… (Too many to list!)
and also...
SLUMBER by Samantha Young (although I said it was an e-ARC I purchased…um, no, not an ARC. Just a 99 cents SLEEPING BEAUTY purchase!)
CINDERELLA GEEK by K. Sean Jennkrist
NOT SO SNOW WHITE by K. Sean Jennkrist
ANATHEMA by Megg Jensen [Carried over from summer]


  1. Audition is on my "I CANNOT WAIT" list!! And that you have a one week event for dancing? YAY!! (Bunheads looks good too! So that'll be fun!) I look forward to taht week.

    Everneath looks so beautiful! And Drink Slay Love is HIGH on my list...

  2. Why do we set such ginormous goals for ourselves?! It's like setting ourselves up to fail... Even if we KNOW we can't possibly do it... We're still disappointed that we didn't make it! Lol

  3. I know how you feel. Still got a lot of books that I have to read as well. Some of my September Books are still waiting to be read. So don't feel bad. You're not the only one who has set enormous girls. Old follower.

  4. Hahaha! You're hopeless! There are a lot in those piles that I want/intend to read myself, and just haven't gotten around to.
    Good luck, and I'll be keeping an eye out!!

  5. heeheehee! i've heard of eyes being bigger than your stomach, but i've never heard of the book pile being bigger than your eyes! :)

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