Mythological Mondays & Cover Crazy: OF POSEIDON by Anna Banks

Mythological Mondays is a feature I created to spotlight books brimming with--you guessed it--mythology! I adore this sub-genre and can't wait to share my love with all of my fellow bookworms! This feature isn't just focused on novel reviews; it may also include interviews, looks at original mythological tales, etc. Please feel free to do this with me! If you guys ever do a mythological feature and want to join this and snag my lovely mermaid, I would LOVE to see the feature. I’ve even included a Linkbox for you. It doesn’t have to be Greek mythology, or even mythology per say. It can be mermaids, unicorns, or heck, even fairy tales (because I’m too lazy to do a separate fairy tale feature…). It doesn’t even have to be every Monday. I’m sure there will be Mondays when I skip, too. ^_^

This week, my Mythological Mondays post is also my Cover Crazy post because I didn't read anything new in the genre this week!

Cover Crazy is hosted by The Book Worms. Each week, bloggers "admire the art and beauty of a book’s design, so I’m going to post minimal words. It is up to you to write how you feel and what you like about it the way you’d like to."

Why I Love This Cover:

I only heard about OF POSEIDON by Anna Banks a week or two ago when Marissa Meyer (author of January 2012 debut novel CINDER) linked me to her on Twitter because they share a publisher (Feiwel & Friends) and she knows I love mermaids. This week, I saw the cover on Goodreads, and the author recently revealed it on her blog as well!

Mermaids? Instantly, I wanted to know more! I already want it to be May 2012 so I can read this!!

I love the cover because the mermaid looks like she's really underwater. Everything is so eerie and with these colors, it's easy to imagine that merfolk really do live in world where colors such as red cease to exist. I also love the way her hair is turning into seafoam (or is she changing from human to mer?) and wonder why it's breaking apart. And that O in's lovely! I love the way "OF" rests inside it.

What do you think? What cover are you crazy about this week?

And before you go, check out the summary for

Author: Anna Banks
Release Date: May 22, 2012
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends/MacMillan


Emma and her friend Chloe are spending vacation in Florida. When Emma (literally) runs into a hot guy named Galen on the beach, little does she know he’s a prince of the Syrena. Galen and Emma both feel something strange – is it attraction? – and Galen suspects that Emma might well be the girl he’s heard of – a human who can communicate with fish.

What follows is a deadly scene with a shark in which Galen witnesses Emma’s gifts. He must know more about her, and follows her back to New Jersey, and high school, to find out for sure if she’s the key to saving his kingdom. Soon, Emma can’t deny her feelings for him, but can’t explain them, either – and both she and Galen must learn more about where she comes from and what her powers are before they can trust one another and their feelings.

If you did anything for Mythological Mondays,
I'd love to see it!


  1. I adore the cover of Poseidon. I thought about picking it this week too but something else caught my eye...

    My Cover Crazy

  2. I can't wait for this book! I saw it on someone's blog last week. It's a beautiful cover. Simply stunning, actually.

    BTW, where up north do you live? My hubs is taking a job that requires a lot of traveling so I'll be bumming around some with him in the future over long weekends. He's looking at Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Ohio, and Penn. right now as his main stops.

  3. i love the movement here, and your thought about red ceasing to exist... i'm working on a mermaid pic right now, and now i'm thinking i better rework colors!! yikes!! :)

    i do love the detailing at the bottom of the "O" but i worry about the "OF" being contained within it. it's really pretty, but i missed it at first, and thought the title was just POSEIDON. and i do wish the skirt was a tad bit more transparent so we could see the mermaid tail. because just looking at the cover, i could mos def see the underwater, but didn't get the mermaid bit until i read it, you know.

    still, though. it's super pretty!

  4. @Carmel: Isn't it great? I like the one you chose, too, though. A lot going on!

    @Flashlight: I want it noooow. I live in PA. Oooooh, you might come to PA? Yes, yes, yes :)

    @Vic: Please share your mermaid pic when you finish. I want to see! Do you have a DA account? I see your point of the OF, though maybe you'll see it better in person? I see more when I'm holding a book! I do wish it was a little more fin-y, but I've noticed that a lot of mermaid novels take this route. Stock images, I guess...

  5. Great pick ;D I kinda wish we could see a tail too, at first glance she might look like some sort of spirit as opposed to a mermaid lol

  6. yup! i have a devart here:

    do you?

    also, i linked over here super quick on my blog today! just to say where i heard of A LONG LONG SLEEP from. oh WOW!!! i loved it SOOOOO much! thanks for the rec!


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