EARTH BLEND review & 2-book GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to today's tour stop for Lori Pescatore's official tour featuring the release of her new novel EARTH BLEND! Today's stop features a book review and 2-book giveaway!

Author: Lori Pescatore
Release Date: Out Now (July 1, 2011)
Publisher: Self-Published
Received: Review Copy from Author


EARTH BLEND is the second book in the Blend trilogy and the sequel to HUMAN BLEND. In this installment, the mysteries of the Blends and Earthlings are revealed. How can Julie live a normal life when she is anything but normal? Her relationship with Austin is complicated by emerging abilities in them both. Trust is hard to come by as lies and secrets hinder them at every turn. Is the past destined to repeat itself as the Earthlings once again rush to save them? Ensuing chaos breeds fatal consequences.

EARTH BLEND picks up right where its predecessor, HUMAN BLEND, left off. (If you haven’t read HUMAN BLEND yet, you might want to read my review of the first book in the Blend Trilogy instead, then jump past this review to the contest at the bottom. ^_^) Okay, so with that being said, the next paragraph will absolutely spoil certain elements of HUMAN BLEND for you. If you’re still reading, all I can say is you’ve been warned!

Right out the gate, all the burning questions I had about earthlings and blends were answered. The novel starts off with back story, explaining how the blends came to our world, and who exactly the mysterious earthlings are. There’s so much more going on than what initially meets the eye, and I was impressed by Lori Pescatore’s imaginative answers. The story then picks up in the present-day, right after HUMAN BLEND’s conclusion. Answers to the stunning cliffhanger are eventually revealed, and life for Julie and Austin has become much more complicated. Austin is still reeling from the truth that he is a blend, and goes down a journey that leads to further shocks that the reader never sees coming. Julie develops scary new powers of her own that will surely play a larger part in the final volume of the trilogy. While a lot from the first book comes together in this middle volume and solidifies the story, it’s obvious that a huge showdown and planetary battle are coming in what’s sure to be an explosive conclusion to this series.

I really liked the way everything came together. One thing that frustrated me about HUMAN BLEND was the lack of answers. Who were the mysterious earthlings? How did the blends come to our planet? Readers will learn all this and more. At times, it was awkward reading conversations between earthlings because the style wasn’t what I’m used to due to the fact that they communicate telepathically, but I got used to it after a while. I also got used to the lack of contractions in speech, though it made for awkward dialogue at times. The editing, however, is much cleaner this time around, making for a smooth, error-free read. Pescatore has created an interesting world and paranormal beings with unique abilities not previously seen. I loved learning more about what the blends can do and can’t wait to delve more into Julie’s new abilities in the next book—not to mention the unusual blend Austin has become. While the series is still aimed at young adults, it does contain sex and violence and should only be read by mature teens and adults.


I like that this cover features Austin. The way Austin is—or in this case isn’t—dressed actually plays an important role in this novel. I also like the fact that he’s embracing a tree, reflecting on the relationship many characters have with the earth. I also like the placement of the title on the tree bark; it almost looks like the words were carved into the trunk! This cover has much more to look at than its predecessor!

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