Bookie Brunch: Sept. 11 - 14

A Backwards Story was invited to participate in this week's edition of Bookie Brunch! Follow @RandomMagicTour on Twitter to find out where the brunch will be hosted each week. This week's discussion is open through September 14th! Next week's brunch will be hosted by Natalie at Songs and Stories!

This week's brunch is being hosted by Janine at The Book Nerd (whom I also love watching on her YouTube channel) and the question is...

"What are three songs that remind you of your favorite book?
Why do they remind you of that particular book?"

What do you say, bookworms? Do you guys know what my favorite book IS...or do you want to? You may be surprised due to how often I blog about YA, but my all-time favorite book doesn't fall into this category, despite the fact that many teens read it...

What is it? Aren't you dying to know? Clicky-clicky to find out!