First Teaser Trailer for...THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!

Did you watch the VMAs tonight?  I only tuned in because Twitter was buzzing.  I'm so happy I didn't have to sit through the whole show just to see a 30 second teaser trailer, lol...  Only maybe 15 minutes!!

If you missed it...or want to see it again...

Click this link to see the first Teaser Trailer on MTV's website!  

Too bad it can't be enhanced.  I wanted to confirm that I saw feet (Hers? Awaiting opponent's?  Dead opponent's?) in one clip but it's too small to see such detail.

Not much to go on yet.  For now, I'm still going to assume that the movie will be much too bloody for me to even consider seeing!  But oh....the trailer is already on fire....LITERALLY!

Oh, the trailer's now on YouTube:  Gonna embed:


  1. i had NO IDEA about this!!!!
    thanks you SO MUCH! :)
    whoo hoo!

  2. lol I wasn't so lucky, I watched the whole dang show. But it was still awesome seeing the teaser :)

  3. @Aspiring_x: Yay, you're welcome! I had no clue, either...until it was blasted all over Twitter!

    @Vy: You poor dear! How was I always sad we never had cable to watch stuff like this growing up...?


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