Check out WATERFALL by Lisa T. Bergren for FREE!!

Everyone has been raving about the RIVER OF TIME trilogy by Lisa T. Bergren. Two of my favorite bloggers, Small Review, and Brodie from Eleusinian Mysteries (who is my caped HERO for getting me into Pottermore…Love you!!!) both reviewed the first book, WATERFALL, already, and got me interested in the title. Don't they make it sound GOOD?

I was waiting until the third book came out this September to read all three together, and the author was lovely enough to send an ARC of the final book, TORRENT, my way, so I got to read the entire series last week. I’ll be posting my fantabulous review of the trilogy sometime after August 15th right before the final book launches in print.

In the meantime, get ready for the final volume in this fun series by downloading WATERFALL for *FREE.* Yes, for FREE!!! Whether you have a Nook, Kindle, or an app on your smart phone or computer, now is your chance to check out the first book in the series all the teen bloggers have been buzzing about. Trust me, you won’t regret it!


  1. Hahaha <3 you!! But oh my gosh. Yes. This series is absolutely amazing. I hope everyone takes up this opportunity to read it, love it, and then be counting down the days until Torrent is released!

  2. @Brodie: It's seriously b/c of you two that I wanted to read this...and I'm so glad I did! Did you read Torrent yet? Can't wait till we can chat about it!!

  3. Well, I snagged this one a couple of days ago. I remembered the title thanks to Small Review talking it up on her blog.

    I'm very amped that you have read the ENTIRE series and I'm anxiously awaiting your reviews!

  4. Thank you for the mention! :) I am so so happy you loved it! I just got Torrent in the mail yesterday eeek *happy dance*

  5. @Gina: Yay! Can't wait to hear your thoughts :) Yes, I'll be reviewing the series in the next week or two :)

    @Small: You're welcome! And you were so right...fantastic! Ohh, can't wait to hear your overall thoughts! :)


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