Bout of Books: Wednesday Tally

From August 22nd to August 28th, read as many books on your TBR as you can! You can participate even if you're not a blogger! Post your progress on your blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, on GoodReads, etc. There will also be fun CHALLENGES and GIVEAWAYS!!

Check back on Saturday, August 27th for a fun challenge from A Backwards Story! HINT: You might want to add a book with a school-related setting to your queue for Saturday!!

Wednesday, August 24th:

Number of books I’ve read today: 2 and 3/4ish!....835 pages! (And yes, I worked 8 hours, too!)
Total number of books I’ve read: 3.9 (I am about 20 pages away from being done a fourth book!)
Today #insixwords: So proud of my productive day!
Reading/read: BOUND BY GUILT by C.J. Darlington (304 pages), THE KARMA CLUB by Jessica Brody (258 pages), SHUT OUT by Kody Koplinger (273 pages)

......Huh, has anyone else noticed that THE KARMA CLUB and SHUT OUT were *NOT* on my list for this week? *rolls eyes at self* This is why I never read anything, lol. I loved MY LIFE UNDECIDED by Jessica Brody and snagged THE KARMA CLUB from the library, then found a nice, shiny new copy of SHUT OUT at BN, which I've been looking forward to...

Tomorrow, my goal is to FINISH BOUND BY GUILT. Tonight, I'll probably, something before bed. I'm sort of in the mood for more contemporary now, but I really don't own anything. Maybe a borrowed Jennifer Echols book....?

Check back tomorrow for another update! What will I pick up next? What will YOU?? Check out this post to learn more about Bout of Books!


  1. You are doing fantastic. Over 800 pages, OMG that's crazy!

  2. @Gina: I know, right? The sad thing is that I would have read that much yday even w/o the challenge b/c I was REALLY in the reading zone. Not sure if I can match it!!


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