A quick note regarding Splash!

Everyone, I’m so sorry about how lackluster Splash into Summer has been so far. I had SO MUCH planned. I wanted to post a review every day in addition to all the features. But as you can see, it’s more like every other day and there were two days I didn’t post anything at all.

I probably should have started the event a little later instead of two weeks after coming up with the idea. I wanted to center it around two books launching on June 28th (FINS ARE FOREVER) and July 5th (LOST VOICES). The week before the event started, I was sick and not reading or prepping, but I’d already given the dates out, so I couldn’t do much at that point. At work, I’ve had a lot of mid-shifts, so I don’t have much time to read or write posts before or after work. In fact, I’m leaving the house in an hour for work and hope I can get up the posts I want to. I’ll try to make up for yesterday’s absence. I haven’t even written anything in the past week (novel-wise). I’ll be home around 9/9:30 pm and will hopefully be able to post anything I don’t get to this morning (like, um, a review!). I say hopefully, because I thought I’d be on last night and went to lie down b/c I had a killer headache all day...and didn’t wake up until 3:30 am! Yeah… Everything is against me this week. I still have interview questions to send to a couple of authors, too, and hate that it has taken me so long to respond! Heck, I haven’t even been able to promote this the way I wanted to…

So I want to publicly apologize to everyone following Splash into Summer for how slow I’ve been. I hope to be able to dazzle you for the rest of the event and release all the goodies I’ve been holding back! I still love my mermaids…and all of you! ^_^


  1. Aw, don't worry! I knew you had been sick and so I figured you were just still on the mend. I've been enjoying reading all the Splash into Summer posts! :)

  2. You can't help having a life. Even if it is a crazy busy one at the moment. In my Utopia I would be able to pay bills from blogging about books... but we all know how likely THAT is. =)

    The Sarah Porter post was great, along with the other posts too. I'm excited about Lost Voices. Did you enter the name a mermaid contest?

  3. It's been great chick!! I promise!! xoxo

  4. Hey, have you been following Sur La Lune? http://surlalunefairytales.blogspot.com/

    She's been doing a huge mermaid themed month too, it's been a lot of fun. Thought you might enjoy. ^_^

  5. Thanks, ladies. Your encouragement means a lot <3 I still wish I could have done so much more, you know?

    Omg, and @Flashlight, I know, right? It would be amazing if this could be a paying job! LOL. I certainly put enough hrs into it!

    @Marissa: No, I haven't been there lately! Will have to check it out this wknd, thanks!


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