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How did you come up with the idea that instead of becoming a werewolf right after she was bitten, Rylie has three months to try to find a way to remove “the curse” before becoming a monster forever?

Rylie has so many things happening to her that are outside her control in SIX MOON SUMMER that I wanted to give her one thing she could try to manage herself. She's a victim of circumstance. So my motivation was half mercy and half cruelty: I wanted Rylie to have a chance to fight back for herself, and I also thought it would be a fun way to make her extra-miserable for three months. Aren't writers terrible?

How many books will be in the SEASONS OF THE MOON series? One for each season, mayhaps?

Yes. SIX MOON SUMMER obviously encompasses Rylie's first summer after being bitten. I'm currently writing ALL HALLOWS’ MOON, which takes place over the autumn and gives me a lovely backdrop of high school and lengthening nights.

What inspired you to have SIX MOON SUMMER take place at summer camp with a girl who goes through so many horrible things—Her parents divorcing, other campers hating her, etc?

I don't think I ever planned to be so cruel, but it developed organically out of putting someone like Rylie in those situations. Teenagers are like wild dogs themselves. They can sense weakness, and Rylie couldn't have seemed like an easier target if she was a gazelle with three broken legs. Her experiences with her parents, unfortunately, are not so unusual. I've known too many kids go through the same thing. I hope everyone can end up coming out as strong as Rylie.

The end of SIX MOON SUMMER has readers wondering what shape the story will take next. Can you share some tidbits about what’s to come?

Rylie's going to have to deal with the choices she made to resolve short-term problems for the rest of her life now. Seth, our hero, is going to become much less mysterious, for better or worse. And lots of poor, defenseless animals get eaten by a vegetarian.

5) Can you tell us a little more about your new steampunk novella, THE 19 DRAGONS? What else are you working on?

THE 19 DRAGONS is a rollicking adventure about the end of the world. That one just came out on July 9th. I have a ton of projects on my plate-- I'm in the process of writing ALL HALLOWS’ MOON, as I said, and I'm also developing an urban fantasy series for adults that I anticipate launching Summer 2012. I've recently been invited to join an anthology, which will be coming out in September, and I have a couple of personal writing projects on the side for "fun" (which always turns out to be much more work than I bargained for). So much to do and so little time to do it!

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  1. Great review. You asked great questions and the authors answers were so interesting.

  2. Thanks, Dana! S.M. Reine really did have interesting answers, didn't she? I was excited to read her responses!


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