Word Count Wednesdays (10)

Word Count Wednesday is my way of sharing my weekly writing progress with you and holding myself accountable for not giving up.

So without further ado, this week's "Word Count" for Super-Secret Project/Codename: FIZZYPOP:
(Why Fizzypop? IDEK...it sounds fun!)

This week: I'm not sure...maybe 3? pages [I typed them write into my document instead of writing by hand in my notebook first...
Total to Date: 102? pages
Start Date: March 2, 2011

How far is this in terms of a word count? I'm not sure. I get 150-400 words per page depending on how small I'm writing and/or how many cross-outs I have. (Plus, that gets me an extra round of editing!)

Ugh, with our first major heat wave, I REALLY didn't want to do anything this week! LOL! I need to install my AC *soon.* Plus, this was a week where I wanted to read a lot of good books! IDK. Oh, and the book I've been reading this week features a main character who has the same name as MY main character. That kind of sucks. (Not the book I read; it was amazing!) I have to get this character out of my head before I can visualize MY character with the same name. I only finished the novel today, so it will be another day or two, I think...

The writing I did was small, but important. I went back to some of my earliest scenes and added a few key elements that were missing. I didn't even notice until my first response from my critique partner! Then, I read a book that used some of these elements and decided that they really DID need to be worked into my story, though I've been trying to refrain from a lot of description and "boring everyday stuff." I've also been doing a lot of thinking about how I want to lead up to the second "big moment" and pondering over when I want certain events to occur and what else to include between them. So while I didn't have a huge page count, I didn't stop thinking about this novel by any means!

That's how my week went! Do you have a WIP at the moment? What was your word count this week? To date? Let's support one another! This week, I hope you were as inspired as me!!!


  1. Great progress. Keep it going. I just wrote a short story today. Will edit tomorrow and see how it goes. It was 4,800 or so words. Might be less after I edit. You are doing well on your journey, great way to hold yourself accountable.

  2. Sometimes its more important to look and the big picture, to help for a plan of attack. Once you have your ducks in a row, the word count should really bennefit.

  3. This is a great idea. I have a WIP that I haven't worked on at all this week (Eeeek!) You are doing a great job, I think I will do this WCW weekly as well. We can support each other!

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    Totally Obsessed

  4. Lena, that's fantastic! That's a good amount to write in one day. I'm horrible at writing short stories. I wish I could write more!

    Gina: Very true! If I don't have the important stuff down now, how can I possibly write something good later? Unless I want, like, five billion drafts, which I *so* don't, lol!

    NaKesha: Please join me with your WCW! I would love to cheer for you! Maybe I should add a Mr. Linky!

  5. Sometimes reading can be so distracting (hence my lack of commenting this week. Who knew Percy Jackson would take over my life so completely?) :P

    That must be really strange trying to write your character when you have the memories of the other character with the same name from the book you were reading all fresh in your head. It bugs me when I read two books back to back with the same MC name. I can't imagine how weird it must be when writing.

  6. @Small: It's REALLY hard! This book was so well-written and the character so developed that it was pretty possible. All I could see when I thought of *my* character was *her.* I couldn't do it at all!

    But ugh, yes, I'm with you: It's hard when reading back to back, too! Same thing with topic. I've been spreading out all the Persephone/Hades novels this month for just this reason! Just...too much! And sometimes there are characters that get so famous--like, say, Harry or Edward. If you see other novels using those names, you just sort of cringe!


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