Word Count Wednesdays (8)

Word Count Wednesday is my way of sharing my weekly writing progress with you and holding myself accountable for not giving up.

So without further ado, this week's "Word Count" for Super-Secret Project/Codename: FIZZYPOP:
(Why Fizzypop? IDEK...it sounds fun!)

This week: 10 pages
Total to Date: 88.5 pages
Start Date: March 2, 2011

How far is this in terms of a word count? I'm not sure. I get 150-400 words per page depending on how small I'm writing and/or how many cross-outs I have. (Plus, that gets me an extra round of editing!)

I had a much better writing week this week. FINALLY! Not only that, but I wrote THE SCENE. The one that starts this ball rolling. That one that has been in my head for a while. I don’t think it’s 100% right yet, but I’ll fix that in round two. I was just so happy to write it. Not to mention, finish this chapter…it’s been going on for way too long. Biggest one yet! Not only that, but I found out that we get to meet a major character from book three in this chapter! That means I had to take time to figure out names and appearances from a book I’m not even thinking about yet. I wasn’t expecting this person to show up, but it works AND I discovered something important about the character’s personality in the process. Now I want to write book three… ^^;;

On top of my work on SUPER SECRET PROJECT FIZZYPOP, I started working on something new, for now, we'll call it SUPER SECRET PROJECT HEARTBREAKER. As some of you know, I went to the Diversity in YA Tour on Saturday in NYC (I’ll post tomorrow or Fri. on it). On the train back home, I was listening to my ipod and some music really inspired me. The biggest song was MY HANDS by Leona Lewis. Now, I get into these moods where I’ll listen to the same CD over and over, and I’ve been listening to Leona Lewis a lot lately. But that night, I was just on a random playlist by various artists and this was the second song to come on. Do you know the song?

It’s incredibly sad. I’ve listened to it a zillion times (and it always makes me want to re-watch the finale of FINAL FANTASY XIII, which I’ll do on YouTube one of these days b/c I don’t want to replay such a long game…), and for some reason, it connected with me in a new way. I knew I wanted to tell the story of a girl who’d lost someone important in her life, who is suffering and seeing that person everywhere around her every day. I wanted to write something that would break people’s hearts (I admit it). I wanted to jab readers in the gut, have them bawling like Jodi Picoult makes me sob every time I read MY SISTER'S KEEPER (though not in the same fashion), but also the flavor of an ending that comes from Suzanne Collins' MOCKINGJAY, w/o spoiling it for those who have read it. I just have a strong KNOWING of the feelings I want in this novel, but that's about it.

I started to write down my feelings and what I wanted to get out of this idea, and then, all of a sudden, I had a first line, followed by two more. And then I had three chapters. The writing style is like nothing I’ve ever done before. It might change to something more traditional; I’m still in the “new idea stage” of the process. But this character already isn’t who I thought she was going to be, and her story isn’t what my muse was hinting at. Or maybe I started getting the foundation for two stories that night. I don’t know. But it’s always so exciting to have the germ of a new idea. I’m nowhere near ready to focus on writing this yet—there’s too much story that I don’t know—but I LOVE the rush of a new idea, even if it’s one that never comes to fruitation!

That's how my week went! Do you have a WIP at the moment? What was your word count this week? To date? Let's support one another! This week, I hope you were as inspired as me!!!


  1. This week, I was all too distracted. I think my word count was about 5,000. But to date it is 63,000. Although I'm pretty sure I need to delete an entire chapter, sigh. Oh well, that's what round 2 is for right?

  2. I love love love the rush of a new idea too!!!

    And there's something about traveling. That's when new ideas tend to hit me too. Maybe it's because you have nothing better to do than sit and think....

  3. Sounds like you had a very productive writing week. I've never heard that song before, I like it!

    What a great idea for a book!


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