Cover Art REVEALED: "The Death Cure" by James Dashner

I meant to post this Thursday, but had no time until today. Some of you may have already seen this. THE DEATH CURE, the final book in James Dashner’s THE MAZE RUNNER TRILOGY, officially has a cover. I’ll admit that I put off reading this until all three books were out because I didn’t want to wait between books. I’m SO excited to read this series in the fall!

I have no clue what THE DEATH CURE will be about because I haven’t read the first two and have no hints at what it may be (don’t tell me anything!), but wow, doesn’t that cover make you feel COLD? Then again, we were just watching THE AMAZING RACE and they were digging around in snowy mountains…and I had cold hands… So maybe I’m carrying that over. ^.~ This cover makes me SHIVER, though. I have a feeling there will be severe conditions involved for the characters. *Can’t wait to finally read this!!!*


  1. Never heard of it, but I like the cover :-)

  2. OH, you will lOVE the books. I have read the first two and they are pretty great. It's funny you mentioned how cold it looks because the second book (no spoilers)is hot. I never noticed the opposites there. And even after reading the first two you still have no clue what's going to happen in the third. It is pretty well guarded info. =)

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